Zed in Bed

I’m sufficiently exhausted to be in bed by 9 o’clock. Very annoying, I don’t like early nights, but a third bad night has finished me.

I weighed and measured all three tortoises today and Edweena has nearly hit the two pound mark, at 897 grams. The tots are Anastasia, 84g and Natasha, 91g, but they are the same length, as far as a mark drawn each end of their shell can indicate.

The sun finally shone, a day after the rest of the country. I sat and read for a time in the porch, no energy to do much, though I did some gardening later.

Im trying to ignore the election stuff, though I can’t help but catch bits of it once in a while. There seems to be some counter-productive talking going on and I wonder if that’s intended. Surely not – politicians aren’t that subtle, are they?

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