Z meets Jasper kitten

There was no reason for it, but I was awake before 2 and fell asleep again after 6.  I don’t get upset about it, I get adequate sleep overall and I’m used to it being spasmodic.

Ro and Dora took me out to lunch at their local pub and I finally met their kitten, Jasper.  He originally belonged to Dora’s sister, but she proved to be allergic to him and had to let him go.  He’s very attractive, with large and pointed ears, very big eyes and a small, attractively marked body.  He’s also friendly and inquisitive.  When I arrived, he was at the top of the stairs and hesitated until I looked up and smiled at him, when he came straight down to check me out.  He was clearly not tetchy so, when I felt we were getting acquainted by having my hands sniffed, I bent my face for him to check it out too.  I’m getting much better at reading cats, I never used to quite understand them.

This evening, I was tired and not especially hungry, but I eat properly at all times of course so, after a long soak in the bath, I cooked poached eggs on toast.  I’m going to have to make more bread soon, I’ve only got enough for a couple more days.  Ro was quite enthused by my description of the naan bread, he’s interested in flatbreads and keen to try them himself.

I haven’t anything in the diary tomorrow, so hope to get some things done in the house and garden.  On Wednesday, I have an appointment with my solicitor to go through the documents for probate.  I feel very anxious and emotional about it and I know it’ll be awful once it’s gone through and I put everything into my name.  Someone who phoned me a couple of weeks after Russell died said “so, you’ll be a woman of property now” – he wasn’t very well and so less tactful than usual and I didn’t know what to say in reply – I mean, yes, but not in a welcome way.  I’ve warned my children that I’ll fall apart again, there’s no doubt about it.  But then I’ll pull myself together again and it will be another job completed.

First, I have to hope that the application goes through without a hitch.  I’ve no idea how likely that is.  Nothing is ever simple where Russell is concerned.

6 comments on “Z meets Jasper kitten

  1. Dinahmow

    The “paper trails” that must be dealt with are always emotionally messy.But you’ll get there, Zoe. And of course it’s never about coming into money or property;it’s about the loss that put you there. Cook something and have a short slurp! xx

    1. Z Post author

      I know, i was shocked that he was so tactless. The thought of taking Russell’s name off everything he cared most about and putting mine there instead is making me so upset, I can’t face thinking about it yet.

  2. kipper

    Our cat for some reason, likes to smell visitor’s hair. Then she gives them an approving lick on the forehead-cats are so silly.
    As for the probate melt-down fear, everyone has one or two or three episodes during those times. Probate seems to go on forever and then when you just start feeling better/less grief, those probate papers need completion and bring back the sadness of the loss of the loved one. You will be all right Z, and have the correct expectations.

    1. Z Post author

      It took me an extra couple of months to be able to get the furniture valuer in and i still feel such anger and resentment about that, because it’s completely unnecessary. There’s no tax payable so it’s just snooping. I shall pass on most of my stuff, properly documented, to my children and live long enough to make it inheritance tax free.

      I know myself well enough to recognise that I’m getting upset about it now rather than when I’m with the solicitor. I anticipate my reactions and have them early, then cope at the time.

  3. Blue Witch

    So pleased that you’ve managed to get everything together and get to probate stage already. With everything you had to sort and value, I can appreciate that this is no mean feat.

    Hope you manage to have a relaxing day today – you deserve it!

    Did you hear the Food Programme on R4 this week (on at the weekend, repeated yesterday)? There was an interesting recipe for spiced eggs with avocado – perfect fast food, and I thought of you when I heard it, as you often mention having eggs in various guises for a quick snack.


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