Z likes a house

I browse among houses for sale when I have a bit of time in hand and, last night, I found two places I liked the look of. One was considerably too large and too expensive to boot, but the location was delightful and the other was pretty well perfect except the village is a bit far out into the deeper reaches of Norfolk. Weeza approved, however, and suggested i buy it. Just like that. ¬†Decisive, my girl. I pointed out that I don’t have big sums of cash hanging about unused and I’m too long in the tooth to want to raise a mortgage. Or to have two houses. ¬†And that the village concerned has rubbish Internet. She still wanted me to go and view it, though.

Tomorrow, Zerlina and Gus will spend the day and night with me, though lovely Roses will babysit for a while in the evening. After that, I will have to plunge back into everyday life, reluctantly. It’s been lovely to spend so much time with them.

8 comments on “Z likes a house

  1. 63mago

    Now and then I look at houses under monument protection, just to learn what is possible – and some are pretty idyllic ruins. Another amusement is to look at some lower populated regions, and phantasise about what kind of living that would be.

    1. Z Post author

      I tend to look at windmills, when in daydreaming mood, but they don’t really have enough living accommodation. I rather love the idea of a remote location, but it’s not really for me. I’m too old, I like to have neighbours … preferably at least 50 metres away.

  2. Helen

    Oh look a sign of the times, buying a house based partly on how good an internet connection the place has.

    But I can see why you would miss it.

  3. Z Post author

    I listened to a radio programme a few months ago about areas with rubbish internet – which aren’t necessarily remote, there are blind spots in Kent, only a few miles from London, for instance. It really affects the property price and I can see why – one couple had a guest house in a beautiful location but couldn’t rely on their internet connection, even for emails and checking online bookings. Others worked from home. Many of us stream films, music etc – I’m watching Netflix right now, for instance. Since the price of a property would diminish by many thousands of pounds if there were little or no broadband connection, it would be worth paying for satelite.

    All the same, I’m not even looking at the house. There is no point in risking finding my ideal home now, when I couldn’t possibly consider moving for a long time.


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