Zed and Zig

The day started with a phone call. Wink has a slight prang with her car a couple of weeks ago and, in the nature of such things, this has turned into a larger event than expected. The damage was repaired but now they have found an electronic fault – anyway, the garage has lent her a car. But the call was to say that the tax disc has run out, they had the new one but she needed to fetch it. From 20 miles away. And she had an appointment in the other direction.

She phoned to change the appointment and went fir the disc and then I drove her to the appointment and then to Shaftesbury. Them home for lunch and off to Ziggi’s.

I found the road, after driving past it once and then pulled in to call her to check the house – then spotted it so cancelled the call. I went up the drive and she was waiting for me. My first reaction, as we greeted each other, was how very pretty she is. Lovely as her photos are, they don’t do her full justice. She is gorgeous and looks far too young to have grown-up children.

Home-made scones awaited me, made by Daughter, which were delicious and I spent far longer than is quite. Polite. Sorry about the typos. I met cats, rabbits and horses. I excused myself for sniffing the horses. The part of me that isnt a dog is a horse, I explained.

Thanks, Ziggi. It was such a pleasure to meet you. And the point at which the three of us were all twitching away at our iPhones was an especially memorable one!

5 comments on “Zed and Zig

  1. Zig

    aw shucks – about those contact lenses Z!

    Indeed Rog it was very much like that! Be very careful next full-moon – is this an iphone I see before me it’s apps turned t’wards my itchy fingers eh?

    (good scones tho, even if I do say it myself, which I can because I had nothing to do with them)

  2. Z

    Freddie was a gentleman. Kissed me all the way up my arm without a hint of a nibble.

    Long sight in one eye, short in the other, gives me perfect perspective.

    Weird sisters, Rog darling. Do be afraid, won’t you xxx


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