Z tells it as it is

The Sage isn’t having the best week, one way and another. He wasn’t able to use his new phone because he’d forgotten the charger, but a neighbour has a similar one so he has borrowed it. Other cow-related problems that I think I’ll gloss over if you don’t mind. Altogether, he’s not the happiest person this week.

We went to Shrrborne today for lunch and a friend called in for a drink this evening. Sorry about the typos, I one-finger type quite quickly pm the phone but it’s a nuisance to make corrections so I don’t bother. I use all fingers normally, of course. I ‘can’ touch-type but I generally look. Because I can, of course.

I’ve been reading “the diving bell and the butterfly”. I’ve seen the film but not read the book before and it’s very moving. As one does, one relattes it to oneself. Scrubvthat, I relate it to myself and realised he must have been about my age; indeed he was a year older. And he had his catastrophic stroke in 1995. Saddening.

As usual when I’m away, I’m reading a lot. I used to read all the time at all times, but have stopped. I’ve read too many books that were well reviewed but were not up to scratch. So now I read fewer books than ever before and am readier to give up if I’m not enjoying it.

Wink just came to say goodnight. “what would I do without you, kiddo?” she asked. “you’d be totally fucked” I said. Probably not what she quite expected me to say but she couldn’t disagree.

6 comments on “Z tells it as it is

  1. Dave

    I don’t have a sister. I wouldn’t say that though, even if I had one.

    Good thing you’re not here, as the showers would have made wall-building problematical this week.

  2. lom

    We have lot’s of rain here in the west midlands too, it’s lovely. I still can’t give up on a book once I have started it, even if it is boring me to death. I have to stick with it to the bitter end haha.

  3. Z

    I can’t keep up with Wink and Rog when they get going, Zig. But when it’s just the two of us she fills my glass every time so I have to.

    I used to, LOM, but I don’t see it as a challenge any more.


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