Z is coming home

We went to Bath today. The city, not the tub. We went to the best bookshop I’ve been in for years. It was brilliant in a way that has almost vanished now, not a bestseller in sight (I’ve nothing against bestsellers as such, but you can get them anywhere, they hardly inspire) and you can easily browse for hours and end up with a huge pile of books. I restrained myself – I’ve got a pile of books to read already and just bought one plus one for the children. I bought three books in Sherbourne yesterday and I’ve only read two and a half of those I brought down. The good thing is that there is another branch, which happens to be in Ely – this seems a bit odd placing for just two branches in the whole country but no doubt there’s a good reason for it.

We called on Bod’s mother for a cup of tea on the way home. Her other son, Tig, is staying with her this week and he and the Bod went to a cricket match at Cheltenham today. I think it’s fair to say that Bod is even keener on cricket than Dave is. He and Wink have suggested that I go on holiday with them in the autumn, which would be delightful but I can only find one week in October and one in November that I could manage to clear. I’ve noted when they are and Wink will see how Bod is fixed.

We come home tomorrow. Wink is spending the weekend with us and then coming back here on Sunday.

14 comments on “Z is coming home

  1. Z

    A wise decision. They can’t compete in price and there are many other interesting books.

    The first week I suggested was the third in October. If we haven’t finished by then, I’m sure we’ll have finished for the year.

  2. Dave

    I really meant all the holidays we’ve already had (and I may need to be off for another week later this month, on other duties) – your October break, I suspected, would mark the end of another year’s work.

  3. Z

    It’s meant to be done in our spare time and not to be a chore. Anyway, just think how long it took to build cathedrals.

  4. Dave

    Indeed, and one part of me quite agrees. Indeed, now it’s rabbit-prrof, there’s no rush at all, and we can finish it in odd days over the next twenty years, if you’re happy with a half-finished wall.

    The other part of me, that thinks I should be busy all the time, and that jobs should be finished soon after they are started, itches to get on with it all the time.

  5. A wildlife gardener

    June and July were a blur of family coming to stay, going on holiday, and being busy in the garden … so I haven’t been visiting Blogland for a wee while now…

    Glad all seems well with you, Z. Did you ever put inot action the new design for a part of the garden? Or am I well behind as is often the case?

    Anyway, happy August gardening 🙂

  6. Z

    I’m happy however it goes. I’d rather get it finished of course, as I’d like to move on to other things, but I’d always expected it to be a slow job. Anyway, it means we’ll have the pleasure of your company for longer.

    Hello, WG – I had assumed I’d be able to get on with the new bed once we’d finished that part of the wall, but I should have taken into account that the bricks are stacked there! But if anything had been planted there this spring, it would probably have died of drought so it’s just as well.

    Well Roses, I like to cover my back. You know what some of our gentleman readers are like.

  7. Dave

    I’m happy to keep coming next year, for the company and the lunches. Perhaps we could knock down the bendy bits and start again.


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