We had a relaxing day today, both being tired. The Bod wad taking his mum shopping so picked us up and took us out to lunch – a curry at Waitrose! Then we went to check out the charity shops – Joyce wanted a white jacket or blazer to go with a navy skirt she intends to wear to a wedding, but she reckoned it was hardly worthwhile to spend much on an outfit she might not wear again – she doesn’t get to too many weddings nowadays.

“I know just what I want,” she said. Now, I never have seen anything of interest in charity shops, but I know lots of people who find very good stuff in them. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when, in the second shop (Cats’ Protection League), there was a white jacket, size 14, which she tried on, liked and bought for Ā£4.

I bought a Victor Borge CD for Ā£1. I remember being entertained by him 40 years ago, but I’ve no idea if the humour has lasted. Still, I might as well find out.

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  1. Pat

    ‘Tuesday, 3 August 2010
    We had a relaxing day today, both being tired.’

    But it’s Tuesday today isn’t it?
    I bought a long brown Per Una skirt – charity shop – the other day but I have to admit it is a bit snug. Most lose some adipose tissue.

  2. Z

    I’ve not seen you in a suit, Dave.

    12.19am on Tuesday, Pat. I hadn’t finished with Monday by then. In the same way, I don’t think it’s afternoon until I’ve had lunch.

    Of course, posh people who buy cast-offs call them “vintage” nowadays. I heard on the radio that clothes are being counted as vintage after two seasons now. Since I call a garment ‘new’ for at least four years after buying it, I’m out of step yet again.

  3. Dave

    I’m not planning to wear a suit for bricklaying, even if I did get it from a charity shop. I expect them to last at least another 30 years before they become working clothes.

    Mainly, of course, because I hardly ever wear a suit.

  4. Zig

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah posh that’s me – really so posh that I’m not buying scones for Z as promised but making them 2nd hand šŸ™‚

    I’ve never been in a Primark tho, don’t think there is one round here – I live in ‘special property’ which is previously stolen but usually not previously worn šŸ™‚ perks of the trade.

  5. Mike and Ann

    Victor Borge was one of my favourite comedians (not sure if that’s the right word for him) quietly restrained, subtle, musical, humour. Wasn’t he Danish ???? Or have I got the wrong bloke in mind?

  6. Anonymous

    I have been in Primark but found it depressing. I prefer charity shops.

    The Sage bought two (bespoke) suits the year we were married. He still wears them. His DJ was his godfather’s.

    He was indeed a great Dane, Mike.



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