The Sage has gone off to an antiques fair in Norwich. he wasn’t sure whether to bother, but I encouraged him. I also suggested he should look out for something for himself as a treat, from me. I have my cheque book poised in case he succeeds.

I’ve only been in the greenhouse once this year, and that was to cast a dismayed look at the clearing up to be done before I can start sowing seeds next month. I used to start things off in the propagator very early, but I’ve not done so in the past few years – it’s a lot more work, with my improvised heating system, and a mild spell at the end of winter followed by a cold snap in spring could make it very tricky to keep everything alive and well. I’ll start by getting some of the hardy vegetable seeds in and leave the tender ones for a couple of weeks. By the time everything needs to be planted out, I’ll be able to kneel and do everything necessary – mind you, the beds out in the veg garden haven’t been prepared yet. We really could do with some regular help in the garden, but it’s not easy to find someone suitable. My daughter thinks I should have help with the housework, but I’d rather spend the money on a gardener, if only we knew someone who is happy to get on with the heavy work. And the boring work. I only do things I want to, unfortunately. Consistently, that is. I’ll do weeding and tidying once in a while, but I’d much rather nurture seedlings, attack with my pruning saw and encourage daisies to grow in the lawn.

If you’ve known me long enough, you may remember that I took out a lot of overgrown rough shrubbery around the lawn, which was probably about 18 months ago now. I might find some pictures if I put my mind to it. I found a lot of dead hawthorn, which had been a hedge back about 80 years ago when my in-laws originally bought this house. It was a lot of work to remove it, but I enjoyed it – there was also a tall laurel hedge which I’d disliked for many years – we had it cut back to ground level twice and I’d tried to keep it in check, but it was too vigorous. So we got in a pal with a JCB and had it hoiked out. The cleared area was intended to become part of the lawn, but the bantams keep scratching the ground up and they have got rid of all the grass. On the whole, I think their needs are more important than a bit of grass, so I don’t mind. The other side of the lawn, where I took out the hawthorn, there is now an open space where the lawn faces (across the drive) the wall, which will have a flower bed in front of it. The bantams tend not to venture across that way very much, it’s just beyond their comfortable range, so I don’t think they will give me any problems.

I don’t think I put up many of the photos at the time. I have looked them out now, and am pleased all over again with what we did – and a lot of it, I did myself. Just think, it won’t be long before I can be all keen and energetic again. Do you mind if I post some of them tomorrow, in a self-encouraging sort of way? Of course, if you prefer, I can just tell you what the weather is like or something just as enthralling.

The Sage is home again. He didn’t buy anything.

11 comments on “Zanus

  1. Z

    I wish you were too, Dave. Just as well you dug your garden when you did, isn’t it?

    It was a year earlier than I thought, and I posted no photos at all.

  2. Anonymous

    I agree with you, gardener help much better than housekeeping help. How about some current photos of your garden areas-please!

  3. Z

    All a bit scruffy right now! However, I’ll take some pictures and you can see how much work is to be done. I hardly did anything last year and it shows.

  4. Z

    Usually, I simply lie on the grass and talk to them. Once in a while, if one is unresponsive, I pick and eat it. It spurs the others on.

    It was a working title which I meant to change, because it’s no longer January, and forgot, Christopher – it did indeed refer to Z looking both forward and back.

  5. luckyzmom

    I remember when you were whacking through the bush. It sounded like something I would do, so I wasn’t surprised to hear about your hip surgery nor the subsequent quick recovery from it. You are one who rises to the occasion if it is at all possible. This is probably why the daisiez respond to you so well also*-)


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