Moving swiftly on

The bed has been moved upstairs. Boooo. I loved having a bed in my drawing room. It turned out to be NVG for sleeping in all night, but it made the wakeful small hours very pleasant, with the Winter Olympics being on until 5 am and all.

Disappointment reigns, as Wink isn’t able to come for the weekend after all. However, Ro came over with Weeza today, the first time I’d seen him for nearly a month, so that was most jolly.

There is to be a meeting here in half an hour. There will be six of us, will two bottles of wine be enough? Obviously not. Fortunately, I have already had a glassful from a third part-drunk bottle, and there’s some rosé in the fridge too, now I come to think of it. I think we’ll be fine. I take the notes at these meetings – since I have to sit in a chair by the computer (the only chair high enough), I might as well write them as I go along, straight on to the old ones – which I just update each time, I don’t do proper minutes for this particular group. We organise the village festival each year, so a lot of it follows the same pattern, and much of the notes form an aide memoire.

Anyway, ignore the previous post. I resolutely drank a draught of sherry – ooh, do you think they still make schooners, in a glassware sense? – and ate G&B cherry chocolate until I felt cheery and we finished the condition report and Weeza has taken it away to get to work on the layout of the catalogue.

Christopher made me think of Tom Lehrer. I shall put on a CD later and hum along.

9 comments on “Moving swiftly on

  1. Dave

    I’m eating too much chocolate, in an attempt to allow its cheering qualities to have an effect. I’ve put on nearly half the weight I lost before Christmas.

    Still, once the warm weather starts I can get my bike out.

  2. Four Dinners

    2 bottles divided by 6….even my faulty maths worries here…

    Personally I only hum if I don’t shower for a few days…;-)

    Enjoy tekin notes babe!

    I’m about to type out bits of the bloody bible for the Mother In Law so she can see to read em Sunday.

    The things you do for love eh?

    4D x

  3. Z

    Dave, weight lost through illness is not to be relied on. While you’re still not feeling back to your usual self, there’s every reason to eat chocolate. Or so I tell myself, anyway.

    It was all right, 4D – one person has given up booze for Lent. There’s still plenty left. And the notes were written up and emailed out before anyone left. Pretty damn smug? What do you think? And you’re rather wonderful – a man who loves his mother-in-law has to be a Good Egg (and if he cares for her because he loves his wife, he’s still a Good Egg).

    I’ve been awake all day and have reasonable hopes for a good night’s sleep. I expect to feel marvellous tomorrow. Marvellous.

  4. Z

    Fortunately, Alienne, I’m still on the mini bars, so limited to half an ounce at a time.

    Four and twenty ponies trotting through the dark … watch the wall, my darling, while the gentlemen go by. I suspect so, Mago


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