Z talks herself out of a low spot

I took more care with pillows last night – to sleep comfortably on my back, I need 6 pillows arranged behind me (as I found in hospital, raising the back of the bed is not the same thing, I’m better with pillows), another pillow under my knees and a cushion under my feet to save me from sore heels. The Sage took the small area of bed remaining. I was very comfortable. Didn’t mean that I slept later than 5 o’clock, though. 4 or so hours sleep a night isn’t enough, and I’m very tired today. Unfortunately, so is the Sage, who has admitted (only when I asked him for complete frankness) that sleeping next to someone banked around with pillows is not too restful in itself. So, vastly regretfully, we’ve agreed that I’ll sleep in another room for a while.

All in all, I feel a bit low today, and keep wanting to cry. This isn’t like me, but I’ve sort of been expecting something like this because one always has a downswing sooner or later, and I think the best thing is to explain to the family why I may be a bit snappy or overreact to a small perceived problem. Today, we’re doing the condition report for the sale, but we’ve a break at present as the Sage had a funeral to go to (a friend has died of cancer at the age of 48 – please don’t think I’m complaining about my situation, I have nothing at all to complain of and everything to be grateful for) so Weeza has gone to call on a friend in the village. Her lovely mother-in-law is over for a few days, so is looking after both Phil, who has taken a day off work, and Zerlina – they’ll all be loving that time together, whilst Weeza is enjoying a few hours of freedom, even if we are making her work!

Actually, just writing that last bit has done me good. I feel okay. Do you think a small glass of sherry would complete the cheering process? Or possibly a smidgen of chocolate. Hmm. Sherry, chocolate, which is better?

There’s only one way to find out. Chaaarge…………

6 comments on “Z talks herself out of a low spot

  1. Dave

    I’ve been having a lot of mood swings the last couple of weeks. I don’t have the excuse of a serious operation though.

    I think I need to be bricklaying in the sun again.

  2. Z

    We’re having lunch late, when the Sage gets home. And yes, I’ve had both.

    Dear Dave, on the other hand, I haven’t been seriously ill. Bricklaying in the sun is really something to look forward to – think how wonderful it’ll be to do something with friends that we enjoy – I’m glad to have it ahead of us. As well as the party to celebrate its completion, of course.

    And Ziggi, you’ve had it far worse than I have. I do know how fortunate I am, really.

  3. Anonymous

    I am skiving. Have scoffed chocs, cheese, and other norty food groups. Have just cracked the wine open. Oh, happy skiving.

    Have a good weekend.


  4. How do we know

    ohhh… so both it was… is there any particular reason why u rnt around on gtalk so often any more.. i really wanted to thank you for that comment on my dumb post (i did take it away right after your comment, of course, and also saw how very silly it must appear. Thank you)

  5. Z

    Hello darling – no reason except that I’ve been out and about a bit for the last few days and have mostly been online via my phone instead of the computer. I’m winding down for the weekend and will be about soon. Sorry if you’ve missed me!


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