Z is up early

Well, that wasn’t a total success. We happily snuggled up to each other, went to sleep – and half an hour or so later, the Sage started chasing rabbits or something in his sleep and his twitching woke me up. And then I wasn’t very comfortable and we both moved around, him half-asleep and me awake, until I dozed off again. Then I woke with an aching back at 5 o’clock and read for a while until discomfort forced me out of bed.

There was a study last year that found that couples sleep better in separate beds. Years ago, I couldn’t sleep without the Sage – if he was away, the only way I could finally drop off was by cuddling his pillow in my arms. But I have to admit that now I sleep like a top when he’s away. I like sleeping with him next to me, it’s just that we wake each other every time we move, and it isn’t conducive to a sound night’s sleep for either of us.

Just as well I was up early, however, I’ve got a lot to do today.

15 comments on “Z is up early

  1. Z

    You know how a dog twitches when it dreams? – so did the Sage.

    I expect it’ll improve once I can turn over – it was the two hours’ loss sleep at the end of the night that made me more tired than the disturbance at 1 am.

  2. Roses

    As the Cat is the only sentient being I can bear to sleep with, I can understand last night’s sleep problems.

    Plus, you’re still having to be very careful with yourself. Remembering not to sleep on your side must also contribute sleeping more lightly.

    Hope tonight is more restful for you both.

  3. Z

    Before I was married, I shared my bed with three labrador-sized dogs, so I was used to curling up in the smallest corner. But that was a long time ago.

  4. Completely Alienne

    I can sympathise; although I hated sleeping apart from my husband I was aware that we often disturbed each other’s sleep. While I missed him terribly after he died, I have now got used to sleeping alone, and have to confess I generally sleep better now. So when one of the girls joins me (because they feel ill or have had a bad dream) I am guaranteed another disturbed night!

  5. Blue Witch

    Two, three foot beds, but attached together. It’s the only way IMHO. But they need to be Tempur. And to raise and lower independently.

    Our best ever investment.

    Is it any wonder I hate being away from home?

  6. Z

    It’s only for a few more weeks while I have to sleep on my back, I don’t think I’m going to go and buy two new beds, or even mattresses, and bedding too. It’s a king size bed, there really is room for both of us.

    Raise and lower independently, BW? That sounds a lot of fun, but what for?

  7. Blue Witch

    Comfortable sleeping, watching TV, and drinking and eating meals without spilling things everywhere. Essential for when I am exhausted and unable to move elsewhere.

  8. Z

    My sympathies, BW – my difficulty is with sleeping, not with exhaustion. I find it best to use the bed for strictly bed-related matters – the extra daytime rest I’ve had these past few weeks has made it more difficult to sleep at night. Even going to bed earlier than usual makes me wakeful in the early hours. We don’t have a tv in the bedroom – tried it at one time, but never watched it.

  9. Z

    I was very anxious that sleeping on my back would make me snore, 4D, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to be happening, probably because I have lots of pillows to save me from backache. The Sage isn’t allowed to snore, I’m afraid that, on the infrequent occasions it happens, I kick him until he stops.

    True, LZM, though I get so cold that I freeze an electric blanket, never mind a husband.

    Oh. Right, Mago. Not that I’d been offering to join you.


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