The Sage kisses Z

he slept badly last night. He wants me to sleep in our own bed tonight. He would rather be kept awake by me than stay awake without me because he misses me so much.

Honestly, we’re like newlyweds (apart from the sex, obv, because it is specifically forbidden*), but we’re being all sweet and appreciative and loving all the time we’re alone.

Quite sickening to be around us. So we put on a polite fa├žade for visitors.

*Equally obv, because we’re far too old for that sort of thing**.

**This reassurance is for my younger and more easily freaked out readers. Obv.

15 comments on “The Sage kisses Z

  1. Z

    I can’t remember whether it’s 8 or 12 weeks, 4D, but a while to go yet.

    Nor in anyone else’s Simon…

    Actually, we’re still not sleeping all that well, Sandy. But at least we can have a cuddle when we’re awake together.


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