I’d asked some friends round for coffee and the occasion turned into a spontaneous lecture on Lowestoft china, I’m afraid.  I did get out some nice pieces to show them.  Not everyone was able to come, I had an apologetic phone call at 8 o’clock this morning, and Lucie was keen for me to arrange another date – nice to have people wanting to be my friend (and have a look round my house!), so I’ll send off an email when I’m done here.

I’m sorry to have to say that the injured chick died in the night.  I didn’t honestly have much hope for her, she’d made little improvement but there was no sign of injury, so i was afraid it was internal, maybe spinal.  She was quite lively yesterday, so I don’t know what caused her to die.  And one of the bantams stayed out tonight and I frankly can’t worry about it.

My guest auctioneer came round today to talk about arrangements for the sale – she made the very good suggestion that I open a Facebook and Twitter page in its name.  I will do that in the next day or two.  The catalogue is nearly ready to go for printing – it just has to be proof-read, which is always a tedious thing, but highly necessary and it just needs to be got on with.

Then someone called round for me to sign his application for a shotgun licence.  Then I went to feed the animals.

This afternoon, I had an email saying that a paper needed signing, on a matter I was very pleased to have settled, so I whipped straight into school.  it took me nearly an hour … and a couple more hours of work this evening.  On a quite different matter, I’ve sent off an email to two people concerned, who were not in agreement about the presentation of some figures, and I have given my opinion, with my reasons, suggested a way forward, which a third person won’t like, and done my best to smooth things over, but by solving a tricky problem rather than dismissing it.  I don’t know what the reactions will be, but I know that I am trusted and will be listened to.

Because of all this, I was later than I meant to be in heading off to see Al and co.  I sent a text to say I was on my way – a mile down the road, I realised that I’d got wine and soft drinks and the remains of this morning’s chocolate biscuits, but not Dilly’s birthday present, which was already a fortnight late.  I had it at the right time, but we haven’t managed to get together.  So I went back for them.  The rain was bucketing down, my coat was already sodden from when I’d been feeding the cats and chooks and it hadn’t been raining nearly so hard then.  Al was glad I’d texted as he’d been worried.  It was lovely to see them, all is well and Pugsley is planning his birthday party at the end of this month.

I lit the fire when I got home, though it was already after 8, but if I was going to spend a long time on this matter for concern, I didn’t want to be cold too.  I’m going to have a hot bath and read the papers in bed now.  With tea.

Oh, I’ll send that email to my coffee guests first.  Nearly forgot.  Goodnight, darlings.

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  1. Z Post author

    I have lit the fire again tonight. It is such a lovely comfort, I can’t do without it. I was so sorry about the chick, I had hoped, a few days ago, but then there was no further improvement. Thank you, Madeleine – I don’t know about interesting, it all seems a bit random, but I appreciate what you say.


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