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I went to a very good lecture about the Mauritshauis Museum in The Hague, today.  When I visited Holland a couple of years ago, the gallery was shut, though some of the pictures were on temporary display elsewhere.  The lecture started with a film about the opening, which was brilliant

Afterwards, I went back to school for lunch, to sustain me for the three meetings that followed.  Truly, I shall be glad not to have all this – yet there’s so much I shall miss … anyway, no matter.

A governor has resigned today.  Reluctantly, as she has taken a full-time job that won’t give her time off for governor duties, and she has three pretty important roles.  I’ve filled one of them, but am still pondering the other two.

The little mother barn cat is determined to be accepted into the house, to Eloise’s annoyance.  I went out to the car for something at ten pm and she was waiting outside the door in the drizzle.  I felt so sorry for her.  I went and fetched her a pouch of Eloise’s food and she’d eaten it and gone, half an hour later.  She’s in the door every time I leave it open.

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    1. Z Post author

      It looked such fun, didn’t it? The King is very well regarded, the Dutch love their Royal Family, and he clearly was enjoying the occasion very much.

      My Dutch isn’t up to commenting. I can count, say the days of the week, a few foods, I love you, you are naughty, you are mad, you are a good boy or girl. None of them quite fits the bill.

    1. Z Post author

      She’s lived in the barn for nearly a year, at any rate. She was seen with a previous litter of kittens last autumn. At the time, I thought she would leave again. I think she may well have started as a pet, but whether abandoned because she was pregnant, was lost or left home, I don’t know. I think it’s a bit late to advertise, I have asked around in the village – we don’t have any shops or anything and I doubt she’s come from Bungay across the marshes. She needs to treat Eloise with respect, but she doesn’t.


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