Still not opening the post. But certainly tomorrow.

Roses kindly went out to feed the animals, which was great.  It’s not the amount of bother, which is not huge, but I sometimes get a bit fed up with the responsibility of 50+ animals.  She has now taken the smallest coop, with two chicks, into her garden so that they will work their way over her beds.

Meetings at school that I didn’t go to, I hope all is ok now.  I’ve received and printed off spreadsheets, but I’m not looking at them tonight.

Roses and I have sunk rather more than a bottle and eaten nice bits and pieces in the smoked salmon and raw ham sort of way.  We might not have finished that bottle, except that I had a text from Zig and it made me rather inclined to talk  and Roses was kind enough to listen.  Zig isn’t in great shape and it’s not very likely she will be well enough to visit.  I’m going down to see her next week.  All the love in the world to our friend, darlings.

I finally managed a front cover picture for the catalogue that I was reasonably happy with, which I’ve sent off to Weeza and Ro.  Tomorrow, I will finalise that, we need to crack on.

I must order envelopes, choose final pictures, complete school papers and write a foreword – or afterword – for the catalogue.

Oh, I’ve bought a new table and chairs for outdoors, and a second curved bench.  Plenty of seating now for the next party.  We must be merry, who knows what the future may bring.  No one ever thought ‘I should have been more solemn and had less fun.’

2 comments on “Still not opening the post. But certainly tomorrow.

  1. Tim

    Oh dear, poor Zig – my love to her, as always.
    And needless to say, if you wanted to break your journey, it would be great to see you!


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