Tea and cake, with added raindrops

I went over to have tea with our friend Dave East today.  He had saved birthday cake for me, which was very good.  The friend who had made it (possibly, technically, a friend of a friend, but I think anyone who makes me cake is a sure-fire friend) filled it with home-made jam and butter icing, which was very tasty.  I stayed longer than either of us anticipated, because it poured with rain for ages.  But it was good to have a chat.  I drove home on the back roads, following his directions (and some judiciously placed signposts, fortunately) to avoid the main road traffic and I drove through a number of floods.

When I got near home, it all dried up to small puddles.  Clearly, we did not have that much rain here.

One of my bantams has been missing for days, she may be sitting on eggs, stupid little thing.  I have no reason to think anything has caught her.  Or it may be that a different bantam is staying out each night, I can’t be sure.

Al and Dora sent me some freesias and they are still perfect, more than a week later.  As are the lovely flowers that Roses and Lawrence sent.

Eloise cat lay on her back, inviting me to stroke her tummy.  She looked so chilled that I did it – usually, she wraps her paws round my hand and chuckles evilly, because I’ve fallen into her trap.  But this evening, she really was that chilled and just lay there while I stroked her.  She’s being very affectionate tonight.

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