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The catalogue for my auction is nearly ready.  Weeza is putting it together – as we always used to when Russell was the auctioneer, I’ve written the descriptions and taken the photos, she has examined them closely for the condition report and assembled the catalogue.  Ro is putting it on the website.  We have a guest auctioneer, of course, it’s no job for an amateur.

Russell used to prepare his own auction book, of course, and he hand-wrote it all, which I won’t be doing.  It’s taking quite some time, though.  I worked until 4 o’clock and then realised that the sun was shining and I hadn’t had any lunch, though breakfast was a newly-laid egg, poached on sourdough bread, so it was sustaining.  I seem to need protein for breakfast nowadays – usually, I normally used to have just toast but now that’s an occasional thing.

I went out to the chicks and found one had got out – I’d moved the run and hadn’t realised that this small one could squeeze through a dip in the grass.  I decided to let the mother hen out too, with one other, reckoning that she would chase away any kittens that thought they might investigate.  But, when the cats came along, they ignored them, so I let all that brood out for a while.  Once they’d gone back in, I thought I’d let the other young ones out.  I discovered that one of them has a bad leg too, like the little one that died, only not so bad because she can walk, with a bit of a hobble.  She was quite happy, scratching around, but couldn’t keep up with the others.  I’ll have to keep an eye on her.

The oldest octet were so agitated, seeing the others out, that I took pity on them, which was a mistake.  A few of them were quite pushy towards the half-grown chicks.  The cock birds are so handsome that I’d been talking Roses into having one of them to keep, but I’ve changed my mind.  They’d be fighting cocks, given half a chance, and they’re too aggressive.  I stayed with them all for quite some time, until I felt the chicks had had a good scratch around, and then persuaded them back into their coop.  I had to leave the older ones until Roses came home later.

I’m afraid this is turning into an animal blog, which isn’t at all my intention.  It’s just a matter of what I’m doing on any given day, and looking after those damn animals takes more time than I really want it to.

I bought a new garden table and chairs yesterday, they are teak and rather fine.  And a bench, to match the curved one that some of you have seen.  Cushions and a parasol are to come.  Clearly, I am expecting a fine summer next year.  I might even throw a blog party.

5 comments on “Z does the day job

  1. Mike and Ann Horner.

    Hello Z. Not really a comment on your blog, more continuing a conversation this morning about Ramsholt Church. It is not the only buttressed round tower church. The other one is at Beyton, also in Suffolk. It is about seven miles East of Bury Saint Edmund’s.
    Regards, Mike.

  2. Z Post author

    Thank you, Mike, I do like visiting churches, but don’t often go out and about nowadays. I should put that right. I love Simon Knott’s website, which used to be called Simon’s Suffolk Churches, but he’s taken his name out now – he’s also recorded Norfolk and a lot of Essex churches – I’ll look it up.

    Blog party is assured, of course!


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