Z zzzzs

I seem to have rediscovered the knack of sleeping – some nights, at any rate. The night before last wasn’t one of the successful ones and I was awake, mostly, until 4.30 or so, but last night I slept for a good nine hours. I’ve been a poor sleeper for a couple of decades, so this is wonderful. I don’t mind some failures if I can get good, sound sleep some nights.

Tim’s house will go on the market later this week, Wednesday or Thursday. It feels unbearable but it isn’t, of course and I don’t have any other option anyway. There are, in any case, other things to think about. Ronan and Dora have come to the sad conclusion that their marriage does not have a future, they’ve been politely living apart in the same house for some months and she is moving out this week. It’s all friendly, much discussed between the two of them and they’re focussed on the positive aspects of looking after the children. Dismal as it is, it’s being done with mutual respect and all the families are rallying round. My part in it. as well as supporting Ronan with his equal share of parenting, is lending him my car, so I’ve bought myself a little electric car for local driving, while still having the BMW for fun. I paid for it today and will pick it up next week, because my insurance is due for renewal anyway then.

I idly downloaded a book onto Kindle, free, this afternoon and started reading it. I can’t remember what it’s called, but someone travels back in time to 1976, 6 months before he was born. I’m not happy with, in the first few pages, a description of a car as coloured “puce yellow.” If the writer can’t be bothered to check that puce is a colour, not a shade, I don’t have much hope for the rest of the book. One wants to encourage authors but I’m glad I didn’t pay for this. I don’t much like reading electronic books really, though i’ve got quite a lot downloaded, it’s just not as good as a real book. Unless it’s not good enough to be worth printing, of course. I’ll keep an open mind for a bit longer. In proper paper terms, i’m rereading Cheaper By the Dozen, which is as entertaining as I remember from when I last read it, many years ago. I also discovered, in the bottom of my suitcase, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, which I bought in Savannah where it’s set and only got halfway through before I came home. If I’m not too tired to read in the evenings, I’ll whizz through them all in no time.

3 comments on “Z zzzzs

  1. Martina

    Glad to hear you are getting better sleep. I read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and remember it was pretty good(as in good but not something I’d read a second time).

  2. Nicki

    Oh gosh I know that I would make a face if an author described a car as “puce yellow”! I have piles of books building up around the house – I just can’t bring myself to read them on my Kindle, though I do grudgingly take it away on holidays…

  3. Z Post author

    Martina, as Rhonda grew up in Savannah, she knew of the people in the book – and knew some of them in person. She had already told me some of the stories before I read the book, such as that of Patrick the dog.

    Nicki, I’m trying to convince myself that she meant puke yellow, that nasty colour when a cat or dog has been eating grass and successfully made itself sick. But I haven’t returned to the book yet to find out if that’s likely and I suspect that the benefit of the doubt isn’t deserved. I find that I can only read on a kindle if it’s a very light, throwaway book or if it’s a classic that I already know. I just can’t get into a really interesting story.


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