Z winds down

Just two more birthdays and that will be the end, in the family, until next March.  So happy birthday Pugsley for tomorrow and happy birthday Dora for Saturday.  A clean sweep in the family from October to the middle of March.

It’s feeling quite peaceful here at present, which can only mean that I’ve forgotten things that need to be done and there will be a sudden panic when i remember again.  But I’ll appreciate the relaxed feeling while I can. A bit more garden planning with Wince the Gardener this afternoon – which is more vegetation control than anything else, at this stage.  As we bring more under control, that means extra to keep contained, but we still cope, mostly.  He’s volunteered to shin up the ladder and cut back the creeper next week, which is very good of him.  I don’t mind up to the upstairs windows, but when it ventures over the guttering and onto the roof, I start to realise my limitations.  Weeza kindly did it for me last year.

People have been receiving their catalogues for the auction next month and I’ve had a number of responses, which is very gratifying.  The Sage always enjoyed the letters and emails thanking him, and I’m just as pleased.  And I’ve had people telling me that they’re interested in specific pieces, which is good too.  I’ve got an advertisement in this month’s (well, next month’s, but it’s out already) Antique Collector magazine and it looks very good, and the catalogue is up on the website too.

We’re off to lunch with Ro and Dora tomorrow.  They’ve just had a new kitchen fitted and we’re going to inspect it – and then have lunch at the village pub.  They need to put all their stuff back before they can cook in there!

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