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As a digression, I’d like to tell you about my experience with the British Heart Foundation charity.  I’ve mentioned before that I own a couple of flats in London, one of which has needed vastly expensive repairs this year because of a water leak, and it was relet from the end of August.  I had, as requested, bought a bed and sofa for the previous tenant but the new ones didn’t need them as they had their own furniture. So I had ten days to get rid of the stuff.  I offered them free, I tried to sell them, I looked into the council taking them away, but then I contacted the BHF and they were happy to accept the donated furniture, as long as the bed was taken apart ready to be carried down the stairs.

So Lovely Tim and I drove to London on a Sunday, parked for free, huzzah (you would not believe the price of the parking meters if you don’t live there) and dismantled the bed.  The next morning, my hugely helpful and much appreciated downstairs tenant let in the removal man and I breathed several deep sighs of relief.

A couple of days ago, I had an email from the BHF.  Net of  commission and VAT, the furniture has been sold for £276.64 and another £69.16 can be claimed in Gift Aid.  I’m so hugely pleased, people have got some furniture for half price and a very good charity has benefited – and been good enough to let me know by how much – and … actually, it did get me out of a hole.  But it’s worth knowing about.  Furniture has to have the suitable fire retardant label and electrical goods have to be fit for sale, but they do collect free and the woman I spoke to on the phone and followed up by email was very helpful.  If ever I have anything else suitable to dispose of, I will certainly offer it to the BHF in future.  And I’m so pleased that my unwanted stuff has made well over £300 for such a good cause.

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    yay! I always try local charities first;sometimes, if the items are small enough I can deliver them. Some charities have drop-off bins, but late-night hooligans make a frightful mess of and in them so I prefer to deliver if they’ll fit in my car.

  2. Tim

    And I was able to donate some labour, and have a nostalgic poke around some of my old local haunts. Very satisfactory day’s work.

  3. Z Post author

    I certainly couldn’t have managed without you Tim, thank you. And for putting up the smoke alarms. I’d have had more options if it had been local, but it’s a worry when you’re 100 miles away!


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