We are back home in Norfolk and have had such a nice time.  Quite quiet, as planned, and we stayed in on our anniversary, apart from a walk in the afternoon.  We’d meant to go out to lunch but it was raining and we couldn’t be bothered.  We arrived in sunshine and left in sunshine and saw the sun in between, but there was also rain every day – but this is Wales, not the dry East coast and it didn’t bother us.

A highlight was visiting Fishguard, which is a nice little town with a brilliant harbour (we got back in the car just before it rained) and the most fabulous tapestry (actually an embroidery) in the town hall.  If you’re anywhere near the area, it’s absolutely worth a visit and a fiver in the box – entry is free, any donation is voluntary .  It depicts the French invasion of 1797 – who knew? – which was rebuffed by the militia and the locals, and was stitched by local women (three men were also involved, but they did man things like framing and so on) and is truly impressive.  The quality of the design and the workmanship of the embroidery is marvellous.  And do allow time to watch the video in the room at the end.

The car park, you have to pay for, admittedly (drive down to the harbour, then back to the town, unless you like steeeeeep slopes) and it’s bloody expensive – no, I’m joking.  It costs 20p for two hours, LT tells me, he having stumped up the readies.

I will find you a link.  Here is the history, courtesy of Wiki and here is the website about the tapestry itself (it suits it better than embroidery) which has pictures.


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    1. Z Post author

      I’m afraid the invaders didn’t behave well there. The women and children, most of them, took refuge in the church but the French didn’t respect its sanctuary, ransacked it and set it on fire. It is in the tapestry, complete with swirling smoke.


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