Z takes advantage of Eloise cat’s absence

Eloise cat has taken to napping on the chair by my computer, which means I can rarely sit here myself and type.  I’m far too polite to disturb her, of course.  It means that my brilliant ideas for blog posts have vanished by the time I get here, though.

Al and the boys called over yesterday, to fetch Pugsley’s birthday present, which is some Minecraft Lego.  Most of my grandchildren are immensely keen on Lego at present – in fact, some of the adults are too.  The baby is a bit young as yet.  I’ve never attempted Minecraft as a game, but Al is thoroughly approving of it, he thinks it’ll make the engineers and designers of the future.  Which probably means it’ll be rather over my head or else I’d become totally obsessed with it, I’m not sure which.  When my children were growing up, I was quite as able as they were to become hooked on computer games.

I’d made some cakes for tea and left them for the boys to decorate, which they did very splendidly with fruit sweets, chocolate and silver balls, as well as candles.  Pugsley noticed instantly that candles in the shape of letters spelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY wouldn’t allow for one each and almost at the start he put two candles on one of the dozen cakes.  I didn’t see him count them, I think he just summed it up.  Dilly and Squiffany didn’t come as they were at the theatre in Norwich.

Otherwise, yesterday and today, I’ve mostly been making soup.  I bought celeriac the other day. I love celeriac, but it’s a bit challenging to deal with, to cut up and peel and, though celeriac mash is delicious, it’s a bugger to actually do the mashing.  So I decided on soup and looked for recipes.  The first one was made with dried wild mushrooms – and it was gorgeous.  More mushroom taste than celeriac, but totally delicious and I’ve made another batch (with some mushrooms left over for risotto next week).  And then I’ve made two more lots of soup as well, so that’s pretty all we’ll be eating for the foreseeable.  Wink used to – very likely still does – make a big batch of soup on a Sunday afternoon, using all the vegetables left in the rack at the end of the week, and she’d take some to work every day for lunch.  Which couldn’t be nicer, really.

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