Z decides to be decisive. Soon.

We must go shopping soon, for a new drawing room carpet.  The carpet in this room has been down for 31 years and it’s done superbly well, but I was planning to replace it four years ago, before events took over.  It looks in reasonable nick but, when it’s washed, it’s apparent how thin the wool now is, in places.  And it does need washing again – diminishing returns, it just doesn’t look pristine, however hard I try.

Things are never as simple as that though, innit.  The room also needs repainting and the obvious time to do that is before a new carpet is laid.  So the timing has to be worked out and the work done.  I need a deadline, but not until well into November at least, because there’s too much happening otherwise.  But it needs to be chosen and booked and planned .. so a deadline there will be.

Right.  Tomorrow, we will go to the local fabulous shop that sells everything for the home and look at samples.


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