Z winds down

I’ve been babysitting again so unable to write until now.  It’s been a successful festival – that is, a very jolly fête and a splendid beer festival – four of the guest beers were excellent, I can’t speak for the rest but those drinking them seemed to be happy.

It’s not often that the whole family are together nowadays, so it was a treat, although all 11 of us didn’t spend time together, we milled around in various groups.  Dilly and Al didn’t join us for dinner and it was too late for any of the children, but the rest of us ate together and then D&A went to the village hall and then the pub for music and another drink.

As I said in the comments earlier, the Sage isn’t in the local paper yet, so I’ll let you know when.  The photo of the mug (my photo, I’m pleased to say) is in the Mail, or rather was on the 7th, with a rather inaccurate article.  I haven’t had time to show the website to the Sage yet.  He’ll be disconcerted at what was quoted.  However, all publicity…

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned that, with all the hoo and the hah at present about schools, we’ve had more interest from potential governors than for several years.  Proves the same point.

Very warm tonight.  Our bedroom faces both east and west, so we get morning and evening sun and, with the low ceiling, it heats up.  I’ll go and have a cool bath before bed.  Last night, I was too tired even to take off my make-up.  I did get a good eight hours sleep, although woke up several times – at 1.30 I was glad that I was already awake when the burglar alarm went off.  The Sage went down and surprised a bat.  The bat didn’t greatly surprise the Sage, who knew it was likely to be a mouse, whether of the flitter kind or not.

I’m a bit cheesed off that I have to be up early tomorrow, when it was promised that I wouldn’t have to be sidesman, but the person who’d promised to do it for me has gone on holiday.  I haven’t yet decided whether to mention it.

Yesterday, I made out a cheque to renew a subscription, filled in the form and questionnaire, addressed and stamped the envelope and, today, looked for it to post.  The Sage and I have searched for ages.  It was not for some time that I remembered posting a letter, and then I wasn’t sure if that was the one or whether it was earlier in the week.  I still couldn’t remember why I’d gone out, because if I could, that would remind me which day.

Finally, I managed to recall that, when I’d taken the envelope out of my bag, the flap had been sticking up a bit, so I pressed it down and then firmed down the stamp too.  And that made me ‘see’ the writing on it, so I knew I had posted it.  And now, writing about it, I’ve remembered where I was going, and why I’d gone out on Friday evening.  It was all a blank for a while.  I really was tired on Friday night, it seems.

6 comments on “Z winds down

  1. Z

    We get by though, don’t we – although I am starting to become very forgetful, which is always a sign of not enough sleep. Still, August is usually reasonably quiet and I can catch up then.

    Good – I’d have put up the link today, although there are so many inaccuracies that it’s quite misleading.

    It’d be a good investment, Dave. Lowestoft china has certainly beaten shares and savings accounts over the past few years. And it’s not so valuable as to incur Capital Gains – so all the gain is tax free.

  2. Z

    Indeed – it isn’t the earliest known example, blue and white came before polychrome, the owner believed it to be Lowestoft, the Sage confirmed that but didn’t discover it … still, one shouldn’t quibble.


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