Z looks forward to regaining some control

I gather that rain is forecast.  Well, not on my parade it didn’t – it can do what it likes from now on, as far as I’m concerned.  We had the sunny weather we needed for the weekend.

I expect the village pub’s profits to have taken a marked upswing, having had four visits from me in the past week, which is about as many as I’d previously had all year.  Actually, I’m about beered up for the moment.  I had a nice elderflower-flavoured beer this evening, but I came home to drink a glass of wine.  And I may drink water before the end of the evening.

I have the rare luxury, tomorrow, of a day with a clear diary.  I shall feel justified in not hurrying to get up, having been early every day for ages, and must then do the watering, which has been skimped recently, in the greenhouse.  The forecast is rain, but if it doesn’t happen then I shall have to water the outside pots, at least.  After that, I shall catch up with paperwork for the governors’ meeting on Tuesday.  It will be splendid if I manage to do that with half a day to spare.

And, once that is behind me, I can get ready for the auction on Friday.

14 comments on “Z looks forward to regaining some control

  1. Dave

    If you arranged your greenhouses so that they opened up like something out of Thunderbirds you wouldn’t need to water at all (assuming it does rain that is).

  2. Z

    Like something out of Thunderbirds – Dave, dearest, Thunderbirds was a puppet children’s show back in the 1960s. Tracy Island doesn’t really exist.


    The best I ever hope for is evens, Mago. I love to find myself one step ahead and not always reacting at the last moment, but it hasn’t been happening recently.

    Interested to find that I don’t come over that way, however.

  3. Roses

    I loved Thunderbirds! It was the best. Mind you, I was only 6 at the time.

    Glad to hear you had a good time today and hope you enjoy your ’empty’ diary day tomorrow.

  4. Pat

    We had rain last night but with new plants and pots I fear watering will still be necessary by tonight. I’m running out of time.

  5. Z

    You must have caught the reruns, Roses, you’re too young to have watched it the first time round as I did.

    I can’t grumble, AQ, when I’ve agreed to take things on in the first place. The good thing is that, if I’ve got a clear day, I don’t have to do the paperwork in the evening.

    It was raining gently when I woke at 6.30, Pat, and has rained harder since but now stopped. I suspect I’ll have to water the pots, too.

  6. Dave

    I didn’t watch them as a child. I think they must have been on ITV, which we weren’t allowed to watch at home, as it was ‘common’ – only BBC children’s programmes.

  7. Z

    Oh darling, we were so posh we were allowed to watch anything. Like Maudie Littlehampton “if it’s me, it’s U”.


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