Free post

Or post free.

I have been babysitting this evening.  I fell asleep.  Now, I’m too tired to think and I’m off to bed.  Sorry, darlings, no post tonight.

I know, standards are slipping.

10 comments on “Free post

  1. Z

    Have they, Dave? Which ones?

    I’m not sure whether I have caused shares to plummet or soar, Chris.

    You are all very kind. I was so tired that I cleaned my teeth, passed a babywipe vaguely over me and fell into bed. I didn’t even wash.

    No, it was bounced by Winston Churchill’s false teeth. It will probably be in early next week. However, the mug has been in the Daily Mail, apparently. I haven’t had time to look yet.

    Still a bit busy, but I’ll be back later.

  2. Dave

    The Sumerian civilization fell, apparently, when a teenager couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed; his post of watchman went unfilled and the Elamites enetered and sacked Ur.

  3. Z

    Well, it’s gratifying to know that you consider my daily weblog more important than the post of Sumerian watchman. We were indeed invaded last night, by a bat.

    Indeed, Roses and Mago.


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