Z will take her iPad

Unsurprisingly, today has been a bit of a let-down.  No, nothing’s gone wrong here specifically, though it has for friends.  Do you remember that a few weeks ago I went to visit an old, in both senses, friend who’d just moved in with her daughter, who lives in the same village as Weeza?  Hospitably, she invited us both round for tea.  Well, Mary has just died – not so unexpectedly, I suppose, she was in her 90s and in poor health for a long time, but her final decline was sudden.  I’m so glad we went to see her and had a lovely afternoon with her.  I wrote to her daughter and her sister, of course.  And today, Russell saw in the paper that the husband of another old friend had died a couple of weeks ago.  Neither of them has been in very good health, they’ve been supporting each other.  Another letter to write, which I’ll do when I’ve finished here.  And then I heard that good friends were burgled yesterday.  The wife cares for the baby granddaughter and picks up the two grandsons from school, returning them home when their parents get home from work.  While she was out and before the husband got home, a locked window was removed entirely and the house was ransacked.  Her jewellery was taken, including her grandmother’s engagement ring, though nothing much else and the police think they were looking for cash.

For myself, it’s been ok and pretty good on the whole.  I went to a local Nadfas lecture this morning, with Russell which is not a frequent thing because usually one of us can’t go.  R did have an appointment this afternoon so set off and I sat down to go through the minutes of the last governors’ meeting.  It wasn’t long before I was finding excuses to do other odd jobs, then made a cup of tea, then went to fetch a banana … no, I was not exactly engaged with the job.  So I was very pleased when Dilly called in and even happier when she asked if I could look after  Hay once a week next term, because she’s been asked to teach more.  I can, it’ll be a great pleasure and I’m really looking forward to it.

Dilly and I drank tea and chatted and then she said she should go, I checked the time and jumped up – “oh no, I must go for a meeting!” The newly-appointed Head for next September was coming after school to see me – luckily, I arrived before he did.  And it went well, he asked very pertinent questions and we have the feeling we can work together and speak our minds, which I mean in an entirely good way.

So I can’t say it’s been bad, just that I’m sad for my friends.  Although the other thing I did this afternoon was turn out my freezer and that wasn’t a joy at all.  I’ve been trying to use what’s in it, but the fact is that I much prefer cooking fresh food and it hasn’t gone to plan.  The freezer is likely to be moved over the weekend, and it has to be turned off for 24 hours afterwards.  So I said we can take everything out, move it, put it all back and it’ll still be freezing for that time…but if it does happen, I won’t be here.  So I loaded everything into boxes and bags and put it back.  Oh my, there’s so much stuff, some of which I’d forgotten about.  And I wanted to put a few things into the freezer part of the fridge in the bungalow, which we took through for Miriam.  So I carried it through, opened it up….I had no idea that she’d carefully washed out the fridge and turned it off.  I had to cram everything into my freezer after all and go and wash the fridge again – if I’d known, I’d have left the door open at least, though it wasn’t too bad.  Then I switched it on again and have just put the stuff in.  When I get home, I’ll have to move it, leaving it off for 24 hours … but I can’t manage without it, not with a party of 30+ to cater for.

Now I must get back to those blasted minutes.  Tomorrow, off to see Wink, calling on darling Mig on the way for lunch.  Blogging may or may not happen over the weekend.

Oh, one more thing – I have deleted those spam registrations, but it’s always possible I’ve deleted one or two others and, if so, I apologise.  I think all the people I know are still here but if I’ve accidentally taken you off, please re-register and I apologise.  It can be hard to be sure. But, of about 600 registrations, there were fewer than 50 real ones, though no spam has got through at all today.  So it’s worked so far, thanks to Ro.


3 comments on “Z will take her iPad

  1. Blue Witch

    So sorry to read about the demise of your friends.

    Just in case you aren’t aware… the 24 hour thing only applies if you have had to turn the appliance to a different plane to the normal – it’s about letting the refridgerant run down and settle again. If you can keep a fridge or freezer level, especially on a short move, you needn’t do it. But… knowing your doors and corridors, maybe it’s not possible to do it without upending?

  2. mig

    I haven’t been deleted then : )
    What a shame about your friends, it really doesn’t help if it’s not entirely unexpected. The longer people live the less it seems possible that they will ever stop!
    See you soon!!!!!

  3. Z Post author

    Well, it’s quite a big chest freezer, so won’t be tipped, but it might be jolted about a bit. It will go out of the side door,round the house and in at the back. Better to be safe, I think. When the fridge comes, it’ll be on a sack barrow so will need to settle down.

    You expect cracked jugs to last, it’s just as much a shock when they finally give out. And I arrived!


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