Many, many thanks to Mig for her hospitality. Mig, it was lovely to see you, thank you for the delicious lunch (two helpings, people, I rarely am so indulgent) and for your delightful company.

Last time I headed westward there was also a storm, but at least this time I was heading away from it. Fingers crossed for the east coast in half an hour or so, when high tide is due. I had a good journey, no hold-ups and Wink and I have been to the village pub for supper. Tomorrow, I’m going to visit Bod and his mother in the morning, to Shaftesbury for lunch with Wink and I don’t yet know what I’ll do in the afternoon.

All is fine at home, home fires duly burning. A couple more offers of puds for next Saturday have come in, I think we’re all set. I’m really looking forward to it, you know how I love a party.  I’m contemplating canapés, but that’s probably a complication too far. But blini and smoked salmon are sounding possible at present – what do you think? Tiny sausage rolls, mushroom and shallot thingys in pastry cases, a few olives or cheesy numbers? Am I trying too hard? Does it matter? Shall I leave off all these question marks?

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    1. Z Post author

      Yes, we all are. I’m shocked by the photos, I’ve never seen flooding in Lowestoft like it. It’s surprised me, how upset I am and I realise it’s still my home town.

  1. kipper

    Olives sound nice or maybe those storebought freezer case little quiches. Our local store sells lox ends for less than regular lox price. Taste just as good, just in smaller size.

  2. Blue Witch

    East Coast pictures truly horrific. Reminds me of my Dad’s stories of how he worked for 48 hours solid to rescue people, and then help in the clean-up, in Felixstowe in 1953.

    Canapes sound good – if you want something a bit different to the blini/smoked salmon, I’ve had great success with German rye bread (the dense sort that comes in a cellophane packet pre-sliced), spread with soft cheese (Philly style), topped with smoked salmon, garnished with a tiny triangle of lemon and some ground black pepper. Each rectangle can be cut into 6 or 9 and it’s very quick to make lots.

  3. Z Post author

    Thanks for ideas, I’ll do it if there’s time.

    My parents ran their hotel near Weymouth in 1953. A post to come, I think. I’ve been listening to the local radio stations (Norfolk and Suffolk, that is) this morning.


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