Z feels cheerful

Today was brilliant, even better than expected.  This morning was the Christmas lecture for the Nadfas in Norwich, so I took myself off bright and early for that … though I’m ahead of myself already.  Rupert Spaniel arrived at 8 o’clock and I let the two dogs out to play and tire themselves while I got ready and then, once they were in again, I took myself off.

I saw lots of friends and chatted over coffee and mince pies and then enjoyed a really excellent lecture on Britten – I know, another Britten event, probably the last of the year, but I haven’t tired of the music or the subject yet.  Afterwards, someone mused that the more he hears the music, the more he likes it and I do agree,  one can appreciate it more every time one listens.  When I came home, my monthly cleaners were doing a fair bit of the rest of the house (this house can’t be cleaned thoroughly in a day, let alone two hours) so I finished the minestrone I made the other day and played with the dogs for a while.

Dilly arrived after school (she teaches at my school on a Tuesday) and Al and the children arrived a bit later.  We don’t see Squiffany very often because the others come here while she’s at Brownies.  She won another gymnastics competition at the weekend in Ipswich, first out of twelve in her age group.  And then we took ourselves down to church to the Christingle service.  As the church was getting quite full, we were led to the front pew which was quite good as the children could see easily – Squiff sat with the Brownies and the rest of us were all together.  At the end, I suggested they might come home and have tea with us, rather than have to rustle up a meal once they were home.

This is what I love most, a spontaneous get-together involving food.  I had sausages and bacon and, while they were cooking, whipped up a treacle pudding to cook in the microwave and some custard.  We crowded round the kitchen table and it was very jolly.

I haven’t done anything else useful this evening.  i will have to write one tricky email but then I’ll walk the dog – or possibly shove him outside the door to walk himself – and go to bed.

Ro has kindly installed a programme so that, when someone newly registers, they have to fill in a captcha (word verification) and I haven’t had any spam since.  I will check to make sure it’s not unacceptably tricky to do, but it’s a one-off anyway.  In regard to people who have registered, if you change the password you’re given to something easy to remember, maybe with the addition of a symbol or number if you want to make it unguessable, it is simple to sign in.  But if it’s annoying, let me know (my email is on the right) and I’ll find another solution.

5 comments on “Z feels cheerful

  1. allotmentqueen

    “I haven’t done anything else useful this evening” – do you really need to? It sounds like you’ve been really useful all day. And hey – “led to the front pew” – are you royalty? (Just joking)

  2. Z Post author

    Dilly was taken there in the first place, then the rest of us tagged behind. Pure fun all day, nothing I’d call work!

    BW, there is very little about my life that I’d not tell you if given the chance. However, that is one typo I’ve corrected. And Hah! for your typo!

  3. LZM

    Sorrry for being soooo lazy about commenting lately. I dislocated my shoulder falling in October and have been depressed about not snapping out of it more quickly. You saying, “Indeed, sometimes what’s required is a change in attitude, if you can’t change the circumstances.”, has inspired me this morning, Not making any promises, but, I think it has helped.


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