Z wants a dog

Taken aback as I was to be compared to Truman Capote by Rog, I’ve decided that he meant it in the best possible spirit, though it’s still making me ponder in the dark recesses of the night.  Regarding the party, a majority seems to be edging towards 29th June, though neither date has been ruled out yet.

I should explain about my dog hints – you are acute, you lot, one brief mention in the comments … anyway, it was that trip down south at the end of September that really did it.  I kept on meeting lovely dogs and it hit me harder every time that, two years after Tilly died, I miss my dogs desperately.  For quite some time, I missed Tilly and Chester so much that getting another felt like replacing them: ie impossible, and it wasn’t a practical proposition either, for several reasons.  But now, I’ve got to have one.  But my terms and conditions still have to apply, so I have to exercise some judgement, not that easy for your impetuous Z.  The main points to consider are:- 1) Grandchildren.  It must be good with children.  2) Chickens.  It must not kill or even chase chickens, once I’ve kindly explained once and shouted once that they’re out of bounds. 3) Boundaries.  It must, in time, learn not to go out on the road or across the fields, even though there are no fences.

Back in early December, I did get so far as to go to look on the vets’ noticeboard and I wrote down someone’s name and phone number too, but I didn’t actually ring.  It’s hard to explain why, but I think it was because the notice was already a week old and I thought the dogs, two 7-year-old golden retriever sisters in urgent need of rehoming, would have been snapped up.  I funked it, in short, because I was afraid of being disappointed.  I’m not good with disappointment, I never have been.  There have been times when I’ve preferred realistic pessimism to the risk of disappointment, but that has been during periods of entirely understandable low spirits.

Anyway, it won’t be long before I have another go.  But I’m quite relaxed about it, though really rather keen.

18 comments on “Z wants a dog

  1. martina

    Anxiously looking forward to the arrival of a new furry bundle of joy at the Z household. Wish Kipper and I could attend the summer soiree. You will just all have to have a drink in my honor.

  2. Blue Witch

    Petter to be a pleased pessimist than a disappoited optimist methinks.

    My gardening record books suggest that the odds for better weather are on the end of June.

  3. Z

    I went in looking to see if there was *my* dog waiting for me.

    Debum, so pleased that you’ve written another post – I saw it last night, though I didn’t stop to comment then, being short of time.

    Thanks, Rog.

    Having realistically low expectations but being prepared to be thrilled when they’re exceeded is best, perhaps?

    I did a little lol then, Mike.

  4. Z

    I know, part of the reason I’ve not had a dog until now was because I have been so busy. Maybe when you get to know your neighbours you’ll find there’s someone who could pop in a couple of times during the day, maybe take a dog for a walk.

  5. mig

    I’m sure you will find the perfect dog Z. (mind, I’m a bit dubious about the boundaries – perhaps because our dog had absolutely no understanding of the concept though he was still the perfect dog)

  6. Z

    Chester learned, though he still occasionally wandered, and he was fairly crazy. Tilly was fine. It’s having road sense that really matters, and not wandering too far and getting lost.


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