It’s June in January…

29th June is the day of the party, as a few people can’t make the July date.  Splendid.  I’ll put a header post up in due course, but plenty of time for that.  And I’m usually the one who insists on spontaneity – though booking a day with a dozen or more people is better done well in advance.  I must be getting sensible.  Oh gosh.  Pause for thought there.  Is that a sign of maturity?  I feel like a ripe Stilton.  I hope I don’t smell like one … no, no, we’re getting into the realms of absurdity here.

It’s only five weeks until Elle leaves us, a thought that’s making me rather sad.  We will really miss her. Not that she’ll be here all the time until then, but don’t you think there’s quite a different feel to someone being away for the day or a few weeks, from them going away for good?  Though we’re sure to keep in touch, we’ve become such good friends.  And Berlin is one of the many places I’ve never visited, so when I do I will be sure to meet her and her family again.

I didn’t expect to wake up to snow today, but it would be nice to do so tomorrow.  Not that hopeful, it seems to be forecast to do its usual thing of petering out by the time it reaches the easternmost fringes of East Angular.  There wasn’t even enough frost to have to clear the windscreen this morning, just a few snowflakes.  Elle was slightly surprised to hear of my enthusiasm for building snowmen, but … well, you’ve got to, innit?  Though it might have to be a snowgnome this time.

20 comments on “It’s June in January…

  1. Tim

    Investitures, audiences, whatever, all other approaches for that day will be gracefully declined.
    I’ll probably book in to Park Farm as per last year, so no accom needs for me, ta. And transport is hereby offered from my area for up to 3 others.

  2. Anonymous

    Cocuk is about as sensible as Billy Gunn and Cocons.
    Even Pthure doing Geologie with Labadgil.
    Louisiana got Pty Ltd .
    Everybody gettin’ Cutte – Cotte- Coco Chanel 5.
    And now everybody got the stink eye with Nick – Slick- Rick- Mick- Dick in Pink.

  3. Z

    I’m starting a list. With two columns.

    Macy, stay as long as you like and make a holiday of it, don’t come from over the border just for lunch.

    Tim, swooningly charming and helpfully practical as ever. Thank you.

    Can anyone explain the point of randomly worded spam with no link?

  4. PixieMum

    Ooh, just spotted this, told Ian who agreed this will be lovely post exams.

    As my Mother would have said, something to look forward to, so right summer sounds so good whilst outside the snow has started falling again and I have a reading group lunch today.

    Thanks Z and the Sage.

  5. Pat

    That time again?
    Good luck with finding the right dog. It seems the more highly bred they are the more problems but I’m sure you know all the pitfalls.

  6. Z

    Looking forward to it too, Madeleine.

    I like mongrels best, Pat, truth to tell. I certainly don’t want to be intimidated by a better pedigree than my own.

    A few flakes only, JaneR, you could count them as they fall. i’m all ready to make snowballs though.

  7. mig

    Oh brilliant! and thank you so much for doing it again! I’ve put it in the diary and will speak to Barney tonight.

    We woke up to snow today but it had all been rained away by the time I was ready to go out.

  8. Z

    It’s snowing now and has settled, but to a modest extent. Really glad you can come and hope that Barney can be persuaded too.

  9. Mike and Ann

    Dear Z and Sage. Yes, please, we’d love to come to your annual do on 29th June. Ann says, by your leave, she’ll bring a triffle or a pudding as a small contribution to the festivities.
    Again, many thanks, and our warm regards, Mike and Ann.


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