Thank you for your enthusiastic responses.  The most likely date will be either the 29th June or 27th July, so let me know if you can’t manage either of them and let’s hope one day will suit everyone.  If you’d like to stay overnight, you’d be very welcome.  We have two double and a single spare room and another room where I could put a blow-up double mattress (if well inflated it’s comfortable, I’ve slept on it many times) if Weeza can haul it out of her garage, where it’s resided since she moved from London.  I can put at least two more couples in the bungalow, though I’ll have to buy another bed first as there’s only one in there at present.  A sofa bed could be a useful buy too – there won’t be a problem about fitting people in, I’m sure.  Plenty of time to sort it all out, anyway.

I’ve turned off the registered user thingy for comments, because it’s supposed to accept open ID and it doesn’t.  It really only wants to take people who have a Google account and I don’t think that’s acceptable.  It’s been a lovely break from spam, but that’s my problem not yours.  I have comment moderation switched on for posts after two days so, even if you’ve subscribed to comment notification, you shouldn’t get them in your emails unless they’re on the most recent couple of posts. I can’t guarantee that I won’t turn on word verification if I’m bombarded, though, as I had been getting dozens of spam comments every day.

This morning, I met three new governors to go through the information folder – they’re all very knowledgeable about school and governor matters and I came away with a list of items to do, check on or make sure they’re mentioned at a future meeting.  I feel a bit overworked today as a result – so I do my blog housekeeping instead of getting on with the work.  May not be sensible, but it’s human nature, surely?  So I can’t help it.  Also, it’s my lunch break.  Ho ho.

I haven’t quite finished the Christmas Stilton yet though, so maybe I will have a sliver or two.

17 comments on “Houzekeeping

  1. Z

    Two spam comments on an ancient post within half an hour. If Blogger allowed one to turn off comments after a specified time, that would be most helpful. But they don’t.

  2. Blue Witch

    Ah, my voice has returned 🙂

    I think that the current spam from the UK (and 100% of mine have been UK based recently) problem is emanating from a particular discussion board on MoneySavingExpert that is encouraging people to make money this way. Whether anyone actually does or not is anyone’s guess (I suspect not, but, there are many very gullible and desperate people around).

    I’ve tried to find out where this particular board is (I’ve heard mention of it in several places, but no-one has given the exact URL), but failed.

    If we could find it, we could all bombard the board with posts about how moronic and pointless spamming is, and, hopefully, at least make some people think.

    Luckily I can turn off comments on each individual post, and they auto-turn off after a bit. So, whever I get spammed, I just remove the ability to add new comments to whichever post is being targetted.

    I’m amazed that Blogger doesn’t let you do that, but then, Blogger is owned by Google, and the reason people spam is to increase the links to particular places that the Google (and other search engine) bots find. So, it’s not in their interests to sort the problem, is it!!

  3. janerowena

    My husband has a blog (I don’t because I would be too tempted to be indiscreet and I know I would be found by someone I know) and he says that he gets a hundred a day regularly. Just awful.

  4. Rog

    Z, your one-woman campaign to re-personalize the internet is an inspiration to us gullible and desperate people. You are indeed the Truman Capote de nos jours.
    We will make every endeavour to avail ourselves of your fabulous entertainment, thankyou very much indeed.

  5. Z

    Typos in comments don’t count, love, they’re invisible until you press ‘publish.’ Besides, it’s the thought that counts, not how it’s spelt.

    One can turn off comments in an individual post, but one has to search for that post and it’s a bit of a pain. Turning off comments after a given time, as one can for turning on moderation, would be a simple and immensely helpful addition. I can’t possibly use WordPress as I hate their comment access thingy, which makes you go to an email that greets you with ‘Howdy!’ and then makes you double your commitment to the comment malarkey.

    In short, bad cess to all of them. And yes, it’s been a long day.

    And your husband’s blog is?…, JR? I am not in his league, but I have enough to drive me to occasional distraction. Silly thing is, they don’t get published but go straight to the spam folder. If I were a spammer, I’d do it so much better.

    Rog, I love you and Mrs R and the dogs. Do come. It won’t be right without you. I hope I’ll have a dog too by then.

  6. janerowena

    My husband’s blog? If you like maths and music then you are in luck! Well,I know you like music. He is a bit of a geek. Well, a lot of a geek… I have just reached the end of 2008 of your blog and I can honestly say that, re one of your posts, we all have minds that are just as enquiring as yours. I am a couple of years younger than you and have an older daughter and two teeny grandbabies.


    And Son is now nearly 18 and taking his music diploma this term. If you should not have fallen asleep before you read that far. Husband does not post that often, and I’m sure that his readers are grateful as most of his posts are very long, but he tweets constantly.

  7. Z

    Not got a specific one in mind yet, AQ, but yes.

    You’re so stalwart, JaneR, I can’t believe you’re ploughing through seven years of posts. Thank you for the link, I’ll go and visit. And if you’d both like to come to the blog party, you’d be most welcome.

  8. PixieMum

    May I say that I am more in favour of 29th June as it will be in term time still. We attempt to avoid school holidays to leave space for those who have no choice.

    Also, more likely we could visit relations as they tend to go away with school aged grand children.

    We are considering turning the visit into a much longer holiday this time rather than just a weekend, but we can make the July date too.


  9. janerowena

    I tend to have several books on the go at once, reading your blog is like having another one. Seeing your past few years flash by does bring it home to me how fast our children grow up, though. I am sort of suffering empty nest syndrome in advance. I read somewhere that God created teenagerhood so that you won’t mind when your children leave home, but my son is a pleasure to have around. Still, there’s time yet for that to change!

    Thank you for the invitation, it’s extremely hospitable and kind of you but I am not sure yet until the school calendar comes out for the summer term. It is entirely possible that we will be away from 4th July though.

  10. Paff Rine

    Oh Z, Holly is so excited. She has only heard about the your parties as dog hearsay. At this point either date will suit us all.
    But what of this dog of yours on the horizon? Is it a hoped for one or more in the actual pipeline?

  11. mig

    Just quickly saying I definitely can’t make 27th July so I hope it will be the June date – rushed tonight and very behind with comments but looking forward to hearing about it when you get the Dog! Dogs are (mostly) good.


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