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The programme for the Aldeburgh Festival dropped through – no it didn’t, we don’t have a letterbox – was delivered this morning.  It’s Britten’s centenary this year so there are big celebrations, both there and in Lowestoft, where he was born.

I haven’t said anything about the new year as yet because I’ve been deep in the past (where I’ll return soon, I daresay).  And though I haven’t made resolutions as such because they’re better made when the thought occurs to you – oh, it just has! – so this must be a nearly-new year resolution – I’m going to carry on going to the cinema after Elle leaves and start going to concerts and the theatre again.  Because the Sage really doesn’t enjoy any of it and, after all these years of living with me, the novelty has finally worn off and he feels able to say so.  So – and I’ve often done that before but lost heart for a while – I’ll go alone.  One should always be self-sufficient in any case and ones own true friend.

Having said that, the first thing I did was email the family to see if they’d like to come to any, and I’ve takers for a couple of them already.

On 12th June, which I suppose is Benji’s Happy Day, Lowestoft’s fountains will be playing his music and the promenade will be decked out with banners.  Isn’t that lovely?  Musical fountains, I wonder how they do that?  I’ve probably told you this before but can’t quite be bothered to go back and check, so excuse the anecdotage, but young Ben’s father was my family’s dentist.  Daddy used to go for check-ups in the school holidays and always heard Ben fiddling in the room above.  It’s maybe understandable that he was not one of my father’s favourite composers: the association was unfortunate.

Anyway, I’m booking for anything that catches my eye and doing it soon (I’m a Friend, darlings, and have priority booking).  And it’s made me think about a date for this year’s blog party.  If you’re up for one again this year, of course?  The weekend of the 1st June looks good.  Or any weekend in July except for the first, because our village festival is on the 6th July.  August is entirely free at present.  May and the rest of June, I’ll have to firm up arrangements, as they say, at this end first.

If you’ve been here before you’ll know about us.  If you haven’t, do take this as an invitation.  Lovely people have come along, many of them twice (out of two parties, that is) and have been delightful and charming and friendly and have got on well enough to meet up since.  We’ve got a number of spare bedrooms and you’re welcome to stay (until all bedrooms are taken) and I love feeding lots of people and take all preferences and allergies into account without any bother.  Entertainment, you have to provide, just by chatting to each other, though I daresay you might be sent into the garden to find where the bantams are laying or have to listen to “Eleven more months and ten more days” on the wind-up gramophone or even, if you’re remarkably lucky, be introduced to Bobby the leopard.

Best of all, you would meet the Sage and our family.  We’re looking balefully at 40 years of marriage this year and realising how old this makes us, but whatever we do on the day, you’re welcome to celebrate it with us.

Tell me possible dates and we’ll find one that everyone can manage.

Update – 29th June or 27th July are the best options at present.

14 comments on “Z thinks about a celebration

  1. Macy

    Oh a blog party!! Yaaay!!! Tim says you do the best!
    My only ask is that it’s not the first weekend of a month? Really really impossible for me.
    I’d love to come down this year though

  2. Macy

    By the way, before I got all sidelined with the thought of a blog party, I meant to say I’m sure you could find lots of other friends to chum you to the cinema.
    I get fed up asking basically, but I can always find someone who’ll chum along.

  3. PixieMum

    Thank you for organising another blog party, maybe this time I will meet Bobby.

    As Ian’s OU exam is 13th June could the gathering be held after that so we could combine it with a much needed holiday and an opportunity to visit Suffolk relations again too.

  4. Z

    Well, Tim does the best birthday parties and he’s very kind. And yay! That will be brilliant, I’d love you to come.

    Madeleine, that will be fine. Excellent, Tim.

    We seem to be looking at 29th June or any time in July except the 6th at present. I’ll amend the blog accordingly.

  5. Compostwoman

    I would really love to come, this year – if I can drive any distance by then I would love to come ( back is v bad again and not improving, any more)

    Any time would be good, will await your announcement!

  6. Jane and Lance Hattatt

    Hello Z:
    How wonderful to have the Aldeburgh Festival literally down the road from you. You simply MUST go to EVERYTHING and do not in any way worry about going alone for you are bound to fall across the most interesting of other people in the intervals.

  7. wendz

    This year I’d love to come to your blog party – scared witless of meeting other peeps which is why I have stayed away previously (such an anti-social beast I have become, I’m afraid) but would love to see you again Z. Martin says yes – so cross fingers we’ll be there on the day. 🙂

  8. Z

    Compostwoman, do come a day early so that you can recover before the party if it helps – though I realise it’s being in the car for any length of time that can be a problem.

    Wendz, everyone just seems to get on, we’re all in the same boat. I had no idea what I was doing first time, just dived in and hoped for the best. Apart from my stupidity in planning a barbecue on what turned out to be too windy a day so I spent a couple of hours cooking and not talking to guests, it was all that I could have wished for. So do come, and you’re welcome to stay over.

  9. Z

    Lance and Jane, thank you for your encouragement! Yes, it’s somewhere that it’s quite easy to go alone because people are so friendly. I always seem to chat to someone at supper beforehand (there are long communal tables: you just find a space) and talk to my neighbour in the concert hall too. It just got a bit much, always going alone, and I opted out for a couple of years. I’ll be back from now onwards!

  10. janerowena

    I wish I lived nearer, I would love to go to Snape again, the last time I went my son was playing 1st clarinet in the IAPS orcestra five years ago, but I live just that little bit too far away for it to be a comfortable journey. I get my orchestral fix at my son’s school concerts currently, but he leaves this year. And the Arc in Bury leaves me cold.

  11. Z

    Splendid, keep them both free if you can until a bit later.

    I can’t do anything about the weather, Sir B, I suggest you ask Blue Witch to cast a spell. interestingly, she wasn’t able to come two years ago when it was cold and windy, but last year was warm and fine,

    I know, JaneR, it’s 40-45 minutes away, which is about the extent of everyday access. Even Norwich is 30 minutes plus parking, so you and i understand each other.


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