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Next week has turned out to be unexpectedly busy. Wink phoned the hospital where she had her operation and she’s finally got an appointment for her check-up. She’s been expecting a call for the last week or so, because it was left for them to ring her – anyway, no matter, it’s for next Tuesday. And then she phoned her dentist and he can fit her in on Monday. She rang the optician, who has written to her twice to remind of her of her due annual checkup, but they’re not making appointments at all until April. She forbore to enquire why they keep writing, then – anyway, she’ll get her extensive notes from them (she’s got interesting eyesight) and find a new optician here; as she will a dentist after bidding the nice one, she’s been with for years, a fond farewell.

So that takes up Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. On Thursday, I’ve booked my car for an MOT and service and on Friday I have a dentist’s checkup. This is all possibly the most exciting week I’ve had for a year.

This week, on the other hand is as dull as can be. My training meeting was interesting, but draining. Talking about analysing data is even worse when the meeting is online. Poor Ro had to take a nasal swab from his year-old daughter, whose temperature was slightly raised (as a result of her recent vaccinations), because the nursery insisted on it. Perdita was not happy. He couldn’t even attempt the throat one, poor little girl.

Blue Witch mentioned getting up later than usual – yeah, I find it really difficult to get up before 8.30 at least. Tim gets up when he wakes up, but that’s usually about 8 and I’m generally awake for several hours before drifting into a deep sleep between 7 and half past. So I have no feeling of guilt at all if I linger on in bed, even after waking. Though the cats line up outside and look at me balefully, even if they still have food in their dish in the Dutch barn. Cats like service, that’s all there is to it.

Eloise cat had eaten all her food last night, so there was none to take out and I felt obliged to put a few scrapings from a food pouch to take. I observed Tim noticing, though he politely didn’t mention it. But little Betty Kitten gets pampered a bit, because her brothers push her away from the best food. So I make sure she has a treat and she knows to expect it.

Talking of treats, Polly chicken is getting old and likes to be pampered now. So I spent several minutes with a handful of corn, so that she could eat at her leisure from my hand. I don’t mind, though it’s tedious. I don’t think we’ll have her much longer and she can have all the attention she wants. At least she eats well and is able to fly up to the perch at night.

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  1. Scarlet

    I get up between 5am and 6 – BUT, have a habit of passing out on the sofa after lunch – so swings and roundabouts!
    I understand your excitement! My thrills over the past year included Dentist, Doctor, and Hospital appointments – just so good to get out in the car and see a little bit more of the world.

    1. Z Post author

      I slept until nearly 4, which is better than usual, but still too early to get up. Tim often has an afternoon nap too, which I’m envious of. The siesta is a wonderful thing, but I can’t often manage it.

  2. Blue Witch

    It’s good that Wink’s optician will give her her notes. Is this in independent or a chain?

    Like her I have interesting vision, and have always been frustrated that there is seemingly no official way of optical records being transferred like medical records.

    Opticians up here still aren’t taking new patients and I’ve needed new glasses for over 18 months now (I couldn’t find frames to suit the lenses I need then, so left it) and am 6 months overdue an eye test. As my old opticians down south are 25 miles from our old home, it doesn’t make logistical sense to go back to them, but I would like the notes (although I do have a file of my own notes and prescriptions). The current glasses are twisted which makes for interesting vision with varifocals, so it’s a good job I usually wear contact lenses.

    Enjoy your busy week next week!

    1. Z Post author

      Ah, she hasn’t asked for her notes yet, but hopes they’ll give them as it will save a lot of explanation and testing. I’ve been looking up opticians – I emailed a group of friends to ask for recommendations and there are three to investigate – and Specsaver’s website says they’re open for business. One friend recommends them highly because she’s having a cataract operation soon and she was told at the hospital that they always have the most modern equipment and are swift on referrals.

  3. Blue Witch

    These days I use Specsavers because their equipment is excellent (as you say) and their prices for complex lenses are always the most competitive (I got fed up with £700+ for a pair of varifocals from an independent). Also they do retinal photography on every visit for no charge.

    Despite having a very structured staff training programme, the service after the eye test often leaves a lot to be desired though (I’ve been to 4 different ones), and they have a policy of taking on staff with learning difficulties and then expecting them to be customer facing without much supervision (which matters if you wear varifocals and need tiny adjustments).

    Plus, if you want to see the same person every time you have to be very insistent, and ask what days they work, book to only see them, and remind them when you get there, and then be prepared to wait if they forget (usually the model is ‘next free opthamologist takes next person waiting’). Many of their opthamologists are young and live in London and travel out daily all over East Anglia (and also in other directions from London). It’s also worth knowing (in case you don’t) that they are franchises (with up to 30 branches per franchise, but some smaller 2 or 3 branch ones) although you can go in any branch anywhere in the world for free adjustments (it worked in SA!).

    What I don’t know is whether their records can now transfer between different franchises. They couldn’t last time I moved branch, to a different franchise, but maybe that has changed. It will be interesting to hear if Wink does manage to get her records. Thinking though, if she/we can’t get our records passed on, I wonder whether one can do a SAR on optical records the way you can on medical records, and get a copy that way?

    1. Z Post author

      Her independent optician was taken over by Vision Express some years ago. They kept the same eye chappie (the difference between optician, ophthalmologist and optometrist is something I’ve never looked into) and she likes him, so stayed. Her lenses are very complex and whoever they get to make them really screwed up last time. It wasn’t the fault of the optician and the receptionist was very forceful on Wink’s behalf, but it took months for them to get it right. Whoever she goes to, it’s likely to be a different company, so if they won’t give her the records, they probably won’t give them to anyone else. I’ll let you know, but it’ll probably be a while.

      1. Blue Witch

        Ah, dispensing optician measures up for the glasses and then fits them (or not, these days as glasses now only come in ‘take it or leave it’ sizes for arms etc), optometrist is the person who tests eyes, and opthamologist is a medical doctor who specialises in eyes. The latter is one of the longest trainings for specialist doctors.

        And yes, you can do a SAR on your records, I’ve checked now. But whether ot not it works…


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