Z used to be indecisive…

I’m so sorry to have dithered, but the good news is that some people for whom the 1st wasn’t possible can make it on the 2nd, so please change the date in your diary to that.  And I won’t change my mind again because that would be really annoying, except to Roses who is now feeling left out.

Not counting our family but including us, I think we’re up to fifteen, maybe sixteen, already.  How jolly.  I’ve met a number of bloggers, but always individually – well, plus non-blogging other half once.  I never would have believed that I’d be quite so excited about meeting a lot of people whom I’ve never even spoken to, some of whose names I don’t know, but who all know really quite a lot about me and in some cases, each other.

Right, okay.  We’ll firm up, as they say, arrangements in a while and I’ll have to make sure you all know my address.  Because otherwise it would be a bit silly.

I didn’t get to bed until 3 o’clock this morning, which was also a bit silly, so I may keel over in a couple of hours.  Funny, how you wake up at the same time in the morning, regardless of when you go to sleep.  Or does that habit just come with age?

10 comments on “Z used to be indecisive…

  1. Z

    Georgie, I think we should charter a plane so that all my Transatlantic friends could come. There are lovely places around here for a dog to explore.

    Dave, that reminded me that I hadn’t put it in my own diary.

    Chris love, saying there will be a party is the simple bit!


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