Hold you hard

…as we say in Norfolk.  Do keep 1st May free, but I’m trying to find a day when most people can come, including those who are only briefly in the country.  As it’s a holiday weekend, might Monday 2nd be a possibility?  And for the lucky among us, is Friday 13th any good?  It may still be Sunday 1st, though.  I promise to confirm within a day or two, but phone calls are winging across the continents.  Continent, at any rate.

Would you say which days you could make, of the 1st, 2nd and 14th?  Dave has kindly agreed to give his (look-forward to bi-annual get-together) a miss if the 14th suits everyone else.

15 comments on “Hold you hard

  1. Pat

    Whatever the date I’ll be with you in spirit.
    The blogging world would be a sad and lonely place if it were run by Lynn methinks.

  2. Z

    Pat, I think it’d be too much to hope that you could come all this way for lunch, even an extended one! Maybe I will come your way one day – I do get as far as Somerset at least once a year!

    Dave, as co-host, you’re as indispensable as I am (I say that I am, as I’m doing the cooking!). Maybe everyone could say which days they might be available?

  3. Dave

    I meant I can miss the other event I should be at on the 14th, and come to your party too.

    I’m not co-host. I was merely the hired hand.

  4. Z

    She’s very committed to art, Pat, but she’s got a great sense of fun too – the poem is amusing and too true – describing how Apollo got the blogging bug and neglects his Muse in favour of recording everyday trivia – exactly what I do (except I wouldn’t be Musing otherwise!)

  5. Z

    Our party, Dave. It’s all right, you don’t have to be the life and soul if you don’t want to be. Just to be there.

  6. PixieMum

    Just popping in before lunch to say we would be able to join you on 2nd May. Not sure about Friday 13th, am waiting to hear when in May church choir is singing in St Paul’s cathedral. Ian sings; I listen and enjoy.

    How brave to invite all these people you met through t’internet. It will be like an Archers meet.


  7. Sarah

    Oooh just as well i popped by , how exciting…Oh, do i count as I’m only here from time to time? i hope so. Any of those dates is good with me, i think. Can’t see past next week at the moment ! How exciting Z

  8. Rog

    We will be preparing to cycle the coast to coast on 13th May but 1st & 2nd ok. Oz says he could do all dates but don’t listen.

  9. Blue Witch

    1st or 2nd would be fine. 13th or 14th wouldn’t. If we come, may even come in Mi1dred. As long as it doesn’t start too early because she doesn’t go fast.

    From my own experience of organising such events, back in the mists of blog time, inviting real life friends too is slightly awkward. But then you are much less anonymous than me. I also went to another blogger’s event where he asked that we didn’t tell his real life friends who were there about his blog. Trying to explain how you know someone without mentioning t’inter is very hard…

  10. Roses

    Arrgh! I’m late and missed my chance to vote.

    The 14th! Hold it on the 14th!

    I can’t come to the 2nd either. I’m away until the 8th.


  11. Z

    Sarah, of course you are welcome. I had hoped you would be able to come. And all of you. I’m looking forward to meeting you all xx


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