I should never have taken on the job of secretary to this area (three counties, twenty-five societies) in Nadfas.  I thought I was reasonably sensible, but I’ve proved to be totally inept.  I am embarrassed and, frankly, humiliated, but humility is a good thing, even if humiliation doesn’t feel like one.

This evening, I had an email to say that a document hadn’t been received, that I’d sent out last night.  So I resent* to all the society chairmen; if one hadn’t had it then maybe all hadn’t – damn Hotmail doesn’t show all the people you’ve sent a document to, only the first line of them, and there were over forty.  Then I had a second email, saying that she had had it after all.  I replied, saying, don’t worry, I had to write again with some amendments (not corrections, none of them was a mistake, for once).

“the more stupid I am, the kinder people will be,” I explained to her.

I’ve just had an email back.  “”I can’t wait to meet you!” she says.

I realise that I have been put on this earth to make people feel good about themselves.  They can forgive me, because I’m so obviously harmless, and feel pleasantly superior.  I really, really wish that I didn’t have to feel quite such an underdog.

All I have to do is remember to print out a whole lot of stuff first thing tomorrow morning, and to note my expenses – mileage at 40p a mile is quite sufficient, whatever people say, unless they keep a car entirely for duty driving.  In that case, you have to take depreciation and original cost into account, but if you would have that car anyway, you’d b paying for it and for its insurance anyway. Sure, there’s wear and tear, to tyres and so on, but that’s still allowed for, if not so generously.  I remember some years ago, driving to Scarborough and being embarrassed by the huge petrol allowance I received, over four times what I’d spent.

I called on Weeza and Zerlina after lunch in Norwich.  Little z went to pre-school today – she’s been once with W, but this was the first time she’d been left.  Weeza had a lovely morning to herself and z was keen to tell me what a good time she’d had.  They are coming over here on Sunday, because it’s Squiffany’s birthday.  I still haven’t bought her a present.  A bit at a loss.  They are really trying to make some space, because of the expected baby, so don’t want toys or anything bulky.  I’ll be in Bury all day tomorrow, so will have to go shopping on Saturday.


6 comments on “Zineptitude

  1. allotmentqueen

    Could you buy her some lovely clothes or shoes, do you think? Or give her a voucher (homemade) for a trip to the zoo/theatre/any other thing you know she would like/even just a self chosen “special treat”?

    And why do you resent all the society chairmen?!

    I’d so love to come to this wall party, but I’m sorry it’s too far away for us (I live in Bristol). I’m sooooo jealous of all the people who can make it. I know this is ridiculous because I don’t know all you folks in person, but I still feel I’m missing out!

    But why do you go to Somerset? Where do you go?

  2. Z

    Re-sent, not resent!

    My sister lives one the Wiltshire/Dorset/Somerset border – half an hour past Stonehenge, when I visit her I go touristing around and about, and have a couple of friends in Somerset whom I call on.

    Weeza suggested a treat of some kind, or maybe a lesson – I’ll have to have a word with her parents and see what they think. I’ve been out a lot this week and haven’t seen much of them.

    We are far too far from Bristol, I think it’s brilliant that people are willing to come as far as they are – I do hope they find it’s worth it!

  3. Christopher

    Para. 5 is very refreshing, like a glass of champagne or, for abstainers, Wincarnis*. So many people seem to have been put on this earth in order to make people feel bad about themselves.

    *Or Sanatogen. Not to be taken by those with a lisp.

  4. Z

    Oh darling, I wouldn’t charge them. I think that great works of art should be freely available to the world.

    Thank you, LZM and Chris. Everyone was, indeed, very kind and friendly at the meeting.


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