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Things are a bit busy at present, mostly because I’m cataloguing china.  It’s going pretty well, but I’ve got another morning’s work and then can sit back for a week and let my colleague do the next stage, then it’s back to me again.  And LT, who will be Official Photographer this time.

I’m using the new satnav, even though I haven’t been anywhere I needed it, to try it out and I’m pretty pleased with it.  The best bit is that you can tell it where to go … no, of course I mean you can tell it where you want to go; that is it can be controlled by the voice.  This afternoon, I was visiting my friend Jan in Mendham.  So I said I was going to say the town (it’s a village, but they don’t count up how many houses) and, of course, said “Mend’m.” And I was offered a few different options in various parts of the country and the first was correct, so I said number one and that was fine, it directed me pleasantly.  When I left, I said “go home” and that’s what it did. I did have to use the search thingy yesterday to find out how to save an address I’d put in, and I’d have to do it again because I’ve forgotten, but it can do it.  And I’ve linked it with my phone, for updates on travel news – and, I discovered, it will read out your emails if you ask it to.  Not that I need that, driving is a nice break from emails.

Having spent three hours typing in an imperfectly heated room this morning, I decided we were going out for lunch.  What I was wanting was a warming bowl of soup at the local cafe but, even at 12.30, it was already full and a couple were just being turned away.  So we went down to the pub with restaurant that we visited last week with Rose and, though soup was on the menu, somehow that didn’t seem quite enough.  We both had fish and chips, which was very good, but we were so full afterwards that we both needed a little nap later.  And rather less for dinner than we’d planned.

Tomorrow, the rest of the typing.  The first stage, typing out the list I’d hand-written, was quite boring but today’s work, labelling them in lot number order, improving the descriptions, measuring height or width where necessary, was painstaking yet much more satisfying.  I’ve got halfway and am quite happy to take the extra day.  There’s about six weeks to do the work needed, we’ve plenty of time and I’m not going to leave anything to the last minute.

7 comments on “Z types

  1. Vicus Scurra

    On whose behalf are you cataloguing China? Wouldn’t it be easier if the People’s Republic used a resident for this arduous task. I am out of touch with office procedures and tools these days, but would have thought that it was not a one woman/man job in any case.
    I hope that this helps.

    1. Z Post author

      I’m cataloguing 18th century China, Vicus, which is much more straightforward, especially as it’s English China.

  2. Liz

    I don’t get on well with voice recognition software so I’m impressed that you have your sat-nav so well trained already.

    Sir Bruin’s previous car had a sat-nav that allegedly had voice control but he could never get it to work. It certainly didn’t understand swearing. The current Bruin-mobile has a voice activated option on the “infotainment” system. It doesn’t understand me at all but Sir B can generally persuade it to play the music he wants. He likes to torture it by making it pronounce the names of the tunes from his collection of World Music.

  3. Z Post author

    I was pretty impressed too, I’d wondered if I’d need to say Mend-ham. I haven’t tried going round a big roundabout yet though, that’ll be interesting. Tim’s car’s built-in satnav says please, which is very impressive. One can’t be so churlish as to swear at her.


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