Z thinks about food. How unusual…????

I finished the china for the time being and have passed it on to my colleague David for the next bit.  I enjoyed it, very much, in fact.  The first part, when I was just typing, was quite boring, but the work I’ve done in the past two days involved handling the china and describing it and I liked that.  I’ve picked out my favourite pieces, several of them, though I don’t suppose I’ll put in any bids at all.  Or even, in the highly unlikely case that I might, that I’d be lucky or possibly unwise enough to buy them.  Hmmm.  Nothing like spending your profits.  I’m supposed not to be adding to my collection; though that’s an entirely self-imposed restriction.

I went out to my book club this evening, which is a jolly good, convivial dinner with a few minutes’ talk about a book quite early on.  It was lovely and I feel very cheerful.  Lovely Tim spent the afternoon making his famous leek quiche (it’s not that I married him entirely for his leek quiche, but it was certainly one of the things that attracted him to me, before I realised it at all) and he ate some of it for his dinner.  We will have it again tomorrow but eating it twice is no hardship in the least.  And the other thing that will certainly happen tomorrow is the making of a couple of batches of marmalade.  No doubt of that at all.  I’ve had the oranges all week, after all.

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