Z pots sixteen jars and what does she get?

It’s been a reasonably productive week and I’m glad of that.  It’s too easy to drift and not that straightforward to get the balance between having too many responsibilities and not achieving much at all.  My sister Wink gave up full-time work when she was 64, was offered another job a year later and has just retired again, another four years on from that.  She found retirement both boring and demanding, as she was instantly claimed to be treasurer of this and secretary of that local good cause, on the justification that she had time, now.  She managed to give them up again when she no longer had time.

I did the voluntary stuff for many years, both where I used to live and, especially, here.  I’ve finally managed to drop nearly all of those things and refuse to do them again – there’s a fair bit of pressure for one job but I’m not going to give way – but I can see that it might be easy to slip out of the habit of being busy.  I have no idea of the balance.  I used to be too busy and now I’m nowhere near as efficient because I don’t need to be, yet we don’t seem to have that much free time.  Relearning to relax must be a good thing, though.

Yesterday, LT and I were talking about a blog party again.  We’re willing if you are.  Shall we look at dates, or have you all had enough, at last?

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