Blog party 2018!!(!)

LT and I have looked through the diary – we each have our own diary, of course, but they only vary in minor details, so just one was enough.  And we’re reckoning on a date in June or July.  These are the most likely ones for us –

Saturday 2nd or Sunday 3rd June (this is the end of half term week)

Next two weekends aren’t out of the question but aren’t ideal

Saturday 23rd or Sunday 24th June

Saturday 30th June or Sunday 1st July

Saturday 7th or Sunday 8th July

Saturday 14th or Sunday 15th July

After that, the school holidays start and so, whilst we’re free the next weekend, I know there are others who aren’t.

If you’d like to come, you are most welcome.  If you’d like to stay, we’ve got two double, one twin and one single spare room and there is capacity for family roomness, as well as space for dossing down or pitching a tent; not that this has ever happened so far, but meals can certainly be provided with cheer and enthusiasm for any and all guests.  You’re welcome, truly, whether or not you’ve yet met me or Tim – in fact, if you haven’t then it’s about time you did. If there’s a preference for any dates, or a date you can’t come, let us know – last year, it worked out that there was only one Saturday possible and, as it so happened, the weather was lovely and, for the first time ever, we had lunch outdoors.  But I learned from the first blog party not to rely on the weather and to assume nothing at all.


7 comments on “Blog party 2018!!(!)

  1. badgerdaddy

    I’m in your area the weekend of July 1st. That’s race day at Holkham. I mean, I’ll be busy/resting, but in the area. You should come to the race, it promises to be quite awesome…

  2. Z Post author

    It would be great if you could come, Di – a long way to come for a party but I’m sure you can fit in other things too while you’re in this hemisphere!

    Of course it is, Badge, and I can see that the timing wouldn’t work out for you to come here – it’s about 60 miles in the wrong direction, so even if you made a week long holiday of it, it’s a long way to come. If you were to come this way, of course, you’d all be welcome to stay. But assuming that the weekend of the 1st isn’t the only possibility for others, I’ll see if we can make it to see you.

  3. Blue Witch

    Any but 2nd/3rd June are OK at present.

    I think we might combine it with a few days away this year: that being the case, the 7th/8th July would be our least preferred option as we need to be back here for the Monday that week.

    But, whatever suits the majority!


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