The Rufus monosyllables

Young Rufus is getting quite chatty.  He’s nearly 19 months old now and can communicate pretty well.  I heard him say hello and cat and bed and yes, for instance and, when asked, he can touch his eyes and nose and mouth, and make various animal noises on request.  Totes adorbs, obvs.  He tucked into chicken, potato, courgette and broccoli (mostly broccoli, to be truthful) and then was thrilled with the chocolate mousse.  He also likes Twiglets, which is a useful skill to learn early.

After they’d gone, I went out to the kitchen to clear up but got no further than the chicken carcase into a saucepan for stock before really, really needing to have a nap.  So LT did a remarkable amount of clearing up while I … didn’t sleep at all.  Sadly.  I’ve been sleepy all evening but I never go to sleep after about 5 o’clock and before bedtime.  It’s a recipe for a wakeful night and, besides, I don’t want to be someone who nods off in front of the tv.

We finished off the celery soup and shared an avocado for supper.  We’d eaten plenty.  LT did make some croutons though, right before he spilled a fair bit of the bottle of red wine onto the tablecloth.  It’s not one of the good Irish linen ones though and I expect it’ll wash out.  It’s soaking overnight before I can get around to dealing with it, anyway.

Three business emails this evening – well, one arrived on Friday at about 5 o’clock and I didn’t answer it until just now.  I don’t mind Sunday evening, as it’s often simpler to start Monday with nothing hanging around, but I reckon Friday evening to Sunday after lunch is out of bounds, whenever possible.  Not that I usually have business emails nowadays, anyway. Happily.

2 comments on “The Rufus monosyllables

  1. savannah49

    I miss having the grands around, but our goal this year is to travel out to them more often. Of course, all of that depends on business settling down and the MITM getting back into a regular routine/rotation again. I’ve been sitting back and he’s been doing a lot more cooking and clean-up, but the holidays are over and I’m back to scullery work! LOL *cheers*

    1. Z Post author

      You must – I know that’s easy to say and not so easy to do, but time lost can’t be regained. FaceTime is better than nothing but it isn’t the same.


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