Z twiddles her thumbs

Even the prospect of going away on holiday seems to have cheered me considerably.  I called on a friend this morning who remarked on how much better I look now than I did the other day.  And I slept for five straight hours last night.

I’ve packed.  My bag is far smaller than the carry-on dimensions permit, and I’ve packed two skirts, four tops* and a dress and I’m wearing trousers, teeshirt and cardigan.  I’m wearing one pair of sandals and taking another. And a swimsuit.  And a hat.  Underwear and toothbrush, obv.  My control freak tendency is dealt with by taking pounds, euros, dollars and a credit card.  I’ve loaded books onto my iPad and have just sternly removed the back-up book I could not resist packing.  Pam says she has loads of books out there anyway. I’m taking disposable contact lenses so that I don’t have to bother with sterilising solution.

I’ve changed all the towels, changed the bed and washed the sheets, planted the butternut squash plants, noticed that a lily has come up uncomfortably close to a later-planted lavender and moved the latter, watered the tomatoes and done some weeding.  I’ve checked the weather in Corfu, which is in the mid-twenties and set to go a bit higher.

I’ve accidentally used nearly all my data allowance for the month (didn’t notice I’d got stuff downloading on Spotify every time I turned it on) so have been eking out the final 20% for the last three weeks (my month starts on the 10th) and it should just last me for any more emails I need to write tonight.  I might check emails a couple of times while I’m away, but odds are I’ll be offline nearly all the time.  I am hoping for a change as well as a rest.

Honestly, I do take life too seriously, don’t I?  I even plan minutely when I intend to wind down.

But now, that’s about it except for loading the washing machine every so often this afternoon.  I think I might go and have a glass of wine, a couple of olives and a piece of cheese.  I haven’t finished the leftover cheese from the party yet.

Toodle-pip, darlings.  Take great care of yourselves while I’m gone or else I’ll worry about you.

*not ‘The’ Four Tops, that would be silly.  And they wouldn’t fit. 

14 comments on “Z twiddles her thumbs

  1. Roses

    I keep writing this and will continue to do so: have fun!

    I love the way you’ve organised things so quickly and efficiently.

    The Four Tops…phnar!

  2. Blue Witch

    Hope you’ve got enough data allowance left to check in online and print out your boarding card… a family I know went away a couple of weekends ago when the Ryanair site was down for maintenance and ended up being whapped £280 in ‘fines’ for not having the correct printed out paperwork.

    Have a relaxing time and stay offline! Take time to stand and stare and not at those bloody Angry Birds!!!

  3. Z

    Boarding pass printed at home, BW. I’m not generally caught out like that.
    I’ve got a small bottle of sunscreen but Pam said not to worry, she has supplies of everything at their place.
    I’m going to relax. Lots of reading, phone mostly switched off. I’ll write to the Sage and check emails daily but that’s about it. I might write the odd post but not necessarily.
    See you in a week or so x

  4. mig

    So efficiently packed! And organised. And it’s so much easier to relax if you know everything has been done that could be. (just be grateful that you don’t need to squeeze half a ton of camera in as well!)
    Have a wonderful time.


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