Z is hastily washing and ironing clothes

When I went through my diary, there were two week-long chinks, one in the second half of July and one next week.  So, going by the maxim that a treat postponed will probably never happen, I booked my ticket there and then (the Ryanair website is a pain and it turned out to be impossible to cancel £7-something’s worth of unwanted insurance) and will spend Wednesday night with Pam and Peter and leave with them for Stansted on Thursday.  They’re staying for a couple of months, but I’m coming back to Norwich airport on Friday week.  What good friends they are and how well-timed this is for me.

I need to make a few phone calls today, because there are some engagements that I need to cancel – a haircut, the regular dinner with friends, Year 9 Music, ask the Sage to do my Meals on Wheels, give apologies for a meeting.  And I should tell my children and sister too, shouldn’t I.  Oh, and I’m due to be sidesman at the early service on Sunday, I need a stand-in for that too.

I’m travelling light.  I probably won’t blog, if you don’t mind.  I want to switch off for a few days and steady myself, I’m quite jagged again at present.  Don’t ask, loves, I’m not able to say anything and it’s better to focus on the good whenever possible.

And it may be a little hazy, but the sun is shining today.

17 comments on “Z is hastily washing and ironing clothes

  1. Roses

    Have fun my darling.

    Take your pleasure where you can.

    I’m sorry you’ve been feeling ragged. It happens.

    We will get our diaries together on your return and book a girlie lunch. My treat.


  2. PixieMum

    Are you going to Corfu or Portugal? Whichever place in Euroland we understand that the advice is to take Euros in small denomination notes, also carry sterling or dollars and not to rely on cards too much.

    We hope that you have a great time recharging the batteries, you have worked so hard, giving party goers such a fantastic feast, fulfilling the matriarchal role, caring for the musical needs of the young and the lunch needs of the more mature. Wow,you need a holiday!

  3. Z

    Actually, it’s been a fabulous social life that has kept me going. If I had another party to get ready for, I’d be full of energy. It was when Pam threw her arms round me because I said I would come with them that I felt so loved!

    It’s Corfu, I reckon I’d better go now while there is still a currency to use! And thank you for the advice, Madeleine, which I will adopt.

    That would be lovely, Roses, thank you. The café in Bungay has shut unfortunately – didn’t go out of business, a sale as a going concern fell through and the couple who owned it were already committed to their new place so it’s been empty for a year.

  4. Mike and Ann

    Have a good break. We shall probably be in Sweden by the time you return (visiting Ruth, Lars, and granddaughters Tuva and Freja).
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  5. Z

    Have a great time with the family, Mike and Ann.

    I promise I will not fall for a hairy Greek, talk to the wall or not come home, Rog. The Sage’s welcome is something not to be missed.

  6. Susan

    Have a lovely holiday; I hope the warmth recharges your batteries.

    I am a bit concerned about the currency in Greece too as Attila is going there next month, and I am wondering whether they will still be in the Euro by then!

  7. mig

    Oh have a lovely trip. I’m so pleased for you and will look forward to hearing about it when you get back. Hope the time away will smooth things out : )

  8. Z

    I know Susan, I wonder what will happen if it all goes awry suddenly. Some dollars as a back-up might not be a bad idea.

    Thanks all (and lovely to see you again, Yoga Gal) and I promise to have a brilliant time. I’ve never stayed with Pam and Peter before but I’m an easy house guest. I am tidy except in my own territory and don’t raid the fridge unasked, nor do I drink too much and become embarrassing. Well, I hope not.


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