Z is on holiday

And avoiding the Internet. Except, of course, that I miss you most terribly darlings, I have no idea what’s going on with you all, but I hope it’s all good.

I am having the most brilliant time as you (and I) knew I would and Pam and Peter are lovely hosts. Peter has just gone slightly off me, sadly, as after lunch there was a small piece of smoked salmon left. “can’t put that back in the fridge,” said Pam, “eat it with that piece of melon.” Ever obedient I did, of course, only to find that Peter had been saving it as a post-prandial little something. He’s taken it very well, brave and stalwart fellow.

No wifi so I’m using data roaming and just check emails every evening. I’m emailing and phoning the Sage of course. I see he’s bidding on eBay again. I pay for his eBay purchases as he doesn’t know how.

Mostly, I’m eating, drinking, seeing lovely places and being happy. Well, the happy is constant.

Today, I’m not even wearing makeup. Yes darlings, that relaxed.


Zoƫ x

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8 comments on “Z is on holiday

  1. Z

    Just starting on the first glass of wine of the evening… Mind you, it’s 7.30 pm so that is not in the least badly-behaved.

    John darling, I’m afraid your comments keep going for moderation. This is not my doing and I have told Blogger and I’m very sorry. I shall retrieve them when I return home or else when I’ve spent the maximum on data roaming so I might just as well take full advantage of the month’s allowance.

  2. Z

    She looks so adorable, hope the puddles aren’t too trying.

    I’ve been taking pictures, Savannah, highlights at the weekend.

    I know, Pat, pity you can’t play it on the phone. My mind is scrambled by the sun so everyone will beat me hollow boxy week.


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