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Apart from a strenuous fifteen minutes separating young cocks from hens this morning, I spent most of the day on school matters, for the first time in a few weeks.  All went fine at the three meetings, but I was tired out by the time I arrived home again and I still am.  I can hardly wait to go to bed.  I suppose it’s just a matter of having my eye off the ball for a bit, I had to concentrate on things I’ve let go recently.  Yet it felt fine while I was there – still, not too many months to go now before I finish.

I stupidly started to transfer everything from my old computer to my new one, forgetting I had work to do this evening.  I could do it on the iPad but it was all a bit more fiddly and there’s some info I can’t get at until tomorrow morning for a further document.  I really hope there isn’t a power cut tonight – no reason why there should be, except that we do get momentary cuts quite often, for no apparent reason.  The transfer will go on all night, but at least it was straightforward to set up and I won’t have to be humble and ask one of my children…I hope.  I will, however, get Ronan to be sure that the old one is wiped clean afterwards.

Eloise cat is becoming ever more affectionate and adorable.  She runs for the door when I approach it, wanting to go out with me, whether it’s in the garden or, presumably, to deter me from going out without her.  She’s always waiting at the door on my return, too – I presume she hears the car coming and it’s not that she’s been waiting there all the time.

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