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I went to a lecture about Gaudí this morning, then came home to feed the animals, including myself, and headed off to Norwich, with credit card burning a hole in my pocket.  I was determined, darlings.

It was raining, as it seems to have done more often than not this year, so I went to park at one of the shopping malls and stayed there.  First, I headed for the Apple Store and I bought myself a lovely shiny new iMac.

One gets just the right amount of choice.  I knew I wanted a Mac, then there are two sizes and three specifications, six options in all.  I knew I wanted the smaller size, so then it was what I was willing to pay and how shiny I wanted the screen to be, largely.  I still have to transfer over whole lots of stuff, so at present I’ve two iMacs to go with the two iPads and, sad to say, two iPhones, though one of them sits there unusably.

I also bought new scanties, darlings, because I bought no new underwear at all last year and it only looks good for so long, a coat and a jumper.  I was all shopped out by then, though I do badly need shoes.  Last year, as I said, was a non-event in shopping terms, apart from the outfit that the Sage and I bought together for Ronan and Dora’s wedding.

I’ve got school stuff on again in the morning, and spent some time reading relevant papers this afternoon, though there are more to go through first thing.  Actually, there are three meetings back to back, starting at 11.30, so I have to get myself sorted out.  I’m not entirely sure what one of them is about, come to that, and will have to trawl through emails to find out.  Sooner I get this computer sorted out the better.  Though having a wireless keyboard is jolly nice.  And it’s so slender and light – the computer, that is.  Hard to know where they put the innards, really.

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  1. Z Post author

    What wasn’t really explained was how he got started as an architect and – frankly – how he got away with it!

  2. 63mago

    You have a good point there, dearest Z : How was the mental state of his customers or commissioners ? Or, without malice, in what cultural environment and setting could he work and do the things he did ? I never was to Barcelona – and hence am green from envy on Tim – but saw some books about Gaudi’s work, they covered literally his houses from the cellar to the chimneys, but I did not find something about the people who allowed him to do all this, payed him and finally had to live in his creations.
    BTW all I know from people who lived in “Jugendstil”-houses here in Germany (and some in Hungary) is – and they saied it unanimously – that they are damn cold and a nightmare in winter.
    I think I prefer brick & timber.

    1. tim

      You’re right, Mago – you had to be there. But once seen, bonkers Gaudi is hard to forget. btw, I always thought the spires of Sagrada Familia were inspired by the mountain peaks at Montserrat, but nobody else has remarked on this, so I’m probably wrong.

  3. Z Post author

    Not too far from here is a house where the Maharajah Duleep Singh lived- he designed the interior to be like an Indian palace with a lot of white marble. There was a house sale there some 30 years ago (long after his time) and we went there – huge entrance hall with four open fires that we didn’t believe would ever warm it. I think I agree with you on the brick and timber.

  4. Keith

    Gaudí? Leaves me cold. I’m an “Arts and Crafts” man, William Morris, Louis Tiffany and their gang of ruffians.

    Ah, what it is too be rich, “I’m just nipping to the Apple store dear, to buy a couple of computers “.

    It’s OK, I am just jesting. . . . .and JEALOUS! I have an old clockwork desktop computer, with a tower and a hard wired keyboard that it is so old it has hierogly . . . heiraglif . . . .hyrieglo . . . . . . Egyptian characters! The mouse has been chewed up by the cat, but it still squeaks when you push it.

    I haven’t bought and men s scanties or socks this year either. I still have lots of unopened packs from well meaning friends and relatives as pressies over the last 5 years! Still, better than hankies and ties, eh?

    1. Z Post author

      I felt the need for a treat, Keith, it’s been a hard year. I spent many years when my children were growing up with no money for myself – my clothes were mostly hand-me-downs from my mum and when I did shop, it was mostly for the children. I always did buy books but they were my only extravagance. Now, I’m going to enjoy spending money on myself if I want to. And when I’m given presents of nice things, I don’t save them but I open them and use them – when my mother died, we found all the Chanel soap and lovely gloves and so on that we’d given her were unopened and it was such a pity that we used them, not her.

      What has struck me too is that I’m rather more frugal than my husband was – I’ve saved a lot this past year. Now my income is down because there’s not his pension nor my ‘bereavement benefit’ – pah – but I’m spending it while I’ve got it. But the auction made a profit and I’m spending it on me!

      1. Keith

        Sorry Z, I was just pulling your leg. I have done the same thing myself today. I went and blew a lot of money at the Lakeland and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill shops to get a new Kenwood mixer, a slow cooker and some nice thick woollie jumpers ready for next summer (!)

        I don’t blame you one bit, it’s lovely to spend rashly on yourself now and then isn’t it? There will be no Christmas pressies for friends this year; I’ve spent all my money on myself! Merry Yuletide to Me. . . . .


        1. Z Post author

          I don’t feel guilty about it in the least, I intend to take every bit of enjoyment I can for the rest of my life! And good for you.


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