Well, hi, cobbers (what does that mean, I wonder?  CBATG, as Mike ‘Troubled Diva’ used to say.

But it has been a good day.  I’ve received all the money for the sale except for one item, by arrangement, I’ve paid out in full and given back unsold items, I’ve got more done in the garden and I’ve sent china by post.  I met a friend in Yagnub and had a lovely long chat and had another with friend Graham in NZ.  In short, things are good at the Zeddary.

Eloise caught her first mouse today – at least she killed it before bringing it in and playing with it.  I’ll let her explore the attics next.  I have every hope that she will keep the place mouse-free.  It’s not that there are lots, but this is the sort of house where you can’t stop creatures creeping in.

The tortoises have all stopped eating in the last few days.  Anastasia has vanished and may well be hibernating already and the other two are still basking under the heat lamp but are preparing to sleep.  The babies mustn’t sleep for more than a few weeks, but Edweena can deal with four months.

Haven’t finished dealing with emails, darlings.  Baksun.

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