Z dreams of shopping

The reason I know autumn is here is that I was drawn to put coal on the fire today.  It was a dank day – not especially cold, nor particularly foggy, as some areas were, but the drear was hanging in the air.  I was going to finish the accounts – well, not finish, but do the rather vital part of preparing the payments.  There were 16 vendors and over ninety lots and I had to get it right, of course.  Russell hand-wrote everything, which has its good points, but I’m not sure what they are.  I did, however, work out the commission by basic mental arithmetic because one has to prove a point somehow.

Tonight, I’ve wrapped the unsold lots – there are always some of them – and put them in labelled boxes, because my colleague David is coming tomorrow to pick them up and deliver them to their owners, with the payments for the pieces that did sell.  The total was over £30,000 in the end, which is fine.  If you exclude the books, which didn’t fetch a lot, you get an average of £350 and that’s pretty accurate for a modestly nice piece of Lowestoft.  Though come to think of it, that includes the unsold pieces and doesn’t take the buyer’s premium into account.  Maybe the sold average is more like £500.  I’ve also a few other pieces which were bought on commission and I have to deliver or post those.

Tomorrow starts with me getting my hair cut, which is always a pleasure.  By the end of the week, life should be getting back to normal, whatever that is.  Indeed, if I can get myself sufficiently organised, I might even tackle Norwich again.  I still need a new coat and several pairs of shoes (I bought boots last winter but the only new shoes I’ve had in two years are those I bought for Ro and Dora’s wedding and some walking boots).  And a new computer, of course.

6 comments on “Z dreams of shopping

  1. tim

    Of course, your auction achievements have conclusively demonstrated that you aren’t organised enough to buy a pair of shoes. Innit?

    1. Z Post author

      I have to go to a shop and try them on, Tim – and furthermore, I have to find a pair I like in the first place. And now I’ve bought a coat that doesn’t go with some of my boots, too. So I clearly need a second coat.

  2. 63mago

    Shoes are difficult …
    Books ? I did not know that you are doing books ? In general or those on the specialised topic of china ? Sorry for my curiosity, but its books …

    1. Z Post author

      It’s only on the specific subject of the china I sell, or 18th century English softpaste porcelain, or catalogues of such sales. Very specialised!

  3. Mike and Ann Horner.

    Hello Z. I still go to about seven sales per annum (viewing – and usually end up buying at three or four of them); which means that I only know about auctions from the buyer’s point of view, and VERY occasionally from the seller’s point of view. Your last two blog entries have made me think of things from the auctioneer’s point of view. Not that that will be of much assistance to you (as an auctioneer) or me (as a possible buyer), but it’s always interesting to see a familiar thing from a different point of view. Thanks.
    Warm regards, Mike and Ann.

  4. Z Post author

    Sorry about the spam. I’ve turned off signing in, for the benefit of my lovely friends, but the penalty is that some spam comments get through.

    I don’t suppose there are many salerooms as small as mine nowadays, Mike. But yes, I can see things from all three viewpoints and, actually, I thoroughly enjoy all of them. I should thank The Sage for that!!


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