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I had some china to deliver today, some of it near Norwich and some on the north coast.  So we* set off after a rather frantic typing session on my part – I had to draw up an invoice for some post-sale sold items – and some cat-chasing (Rummy decided to pay a visit and proved difficult to uninvite when the time came) and – well, skip forward a couple of hours and we found ourselves in Cromer, searching for crab salad for lunch.

Darlings, we found ourselves possibly the best crab salad in Norfolk.  We spent the whole lunchtime talking about the food we were eating.  It’s a restaurant overlooking the pier, downstairs is simply fish and chips, there’s a takeaway section and upstairs is a restaurant, and we went and checked they had crab available today.

The fish was absolutely simply presented, just a dressed crab in its shell.  The lemon had been seared almost to blackness and there was a little pot of home-made coleslaw and some cooked, then sautéed new potatoes on the plate.  The salad came separately, little gem lettuce, rocket, pea shoots, quartered radishes and halved cherry tomatoes, blanched french beans, thin slices of red onion and slivers of spring onion, all in a delicious dressing.  But that was not all.  There were three further pots – a nice, chunky guacamole, pickled cucumber, thinly sliced and quartered and another pickle that we decided had to be mooli (winter radish) and they were all delicious.  We spent a lot of time eating.

Tim doesn’t think he wants to live in North Norfolk, though he really likes the scenery, as well as the food in Cromer.  But he likes the area – Norfolk itself, that is.  Any suggestions, darlings?

*Tim is back again, darlings.  He is village-hunting in earnest.

6 comments on “Z eats lunch

  1. Liz

    I don’t like crab, but that salad still sounds delicous.

    Has Tim been to visit Rog & Paff? They live in a very pleasant Nofrolk village.

  2. Mike and Ann Horner.

    Hello Z. Does it have to be Norfolk for Tim? We are both Norfolk people by birth, and we both prefer Suffolk (generally speaking it’s prettier). There are some nice inland villages along the Suffolk coastal strip?

  3. Z Post author

    Well, these aren’t questions for me to answer. When you’re got a truly free choice, it can make a decision even harder, especially as there are so many delightful villages to explore.


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